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"It was overpowering. It was overwhelming. I loved playing pro football. I loved it. It was my heart and soul and my mind. I lived it. I breathed it. I loved it with all my fiber."
-- Terry Bradshaw --

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Bradshaw: Best Bad Weather QB of All Time

Terry Bradshaw is perhaps best known for his great performances in big games. But Bradshaw was also arguably the best bad weather QB in NFL history. In harsh weather conditions where opposing QB couldn't seem to keep their footing, get a grip on the ball or throw on target, Terry was somehow able to drop dimes 50 yards downfield for touchdowns, throw perfect spirals and perform as if it was 65 and sunny.

Simply put, Bradshaw was a bad@$$. Enjoy this video with clips from several bad weather games from the 1970's (including two AFC Championships) and judge for yourself.
>>> The Best Bad Weather QB of All Time...      

Watch Terry play in games as they were originally broadcast!

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Full Name: Terry Paxton Bradshaw
Birthdate: September 2, 1948
Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana
High School: Woodlawn (Shreveport)
Drafted: 1970, 1st Round, #1 Overall
College: Louisiana Tech
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NFL Experience: 14 years
Retired: 1983 (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Hall of Fame Induction: 1989

The Greatest Hall of Fame Speech EVER!

"My nature was 'attack.' Throw it deep. Anybody can throw wide, let's go deep!"
--Terry Bradshaw

Click here for a complete transcript of Terry's famous Hall of Fame acceptance speech, a Must Read for any self-respecting Steelers fan.

The 30 Greatest Steelers of All Time

Click here to find out why Terry tops this list, as well as the answers to burning questions such as: Who was better... Swann or Stallworth? Who has been the greatest player during the '90s? Who was the most important player on Steel Curtain defense of the '70s?

You Want Stats? We've Got STATS!

Passing statistics from each and every individual regular and post-season game of Terry's career, plus Bradshaw's season & career totals for both passing and rushing.

Yearbook Profiles

These vacuum-packed excerpts from the official Steelers Media Guides from the following years are filled with info:
Records & Honors

Terry definitely won his fair share of awards! Click here for a listing of Bradshaw's MVP & Player of the Year Awards, All-Pro & All-Conference Honors, and other honorable-type stuff.

Fan Memoirs: Send Us YOUR Tribute to Bradshaw

Respect. He's earned it. He deserves it. And Bradshaw fans from all over are showing it by posting their memoirs & personal tributes to the greatest QB to ever wear the Black & Gold. CLICK HERE to view an archive of fan comments we've received about Mr. Bradshaw, then send us your thoughts & memories.

The Super Bowls

Extensive commentary, stats, analysis, and facts about Terry's exploits in ''the Big One''!

S.B. IX: Steelers 16, Vikings 6
S.B. X: Steelers 21, Dallas 17
S.B. XIII: Steelers 35, Dallas 31
S.B. XIV: Steelers 31, Rams 19
Greatest Performances

A Must-See! Extensive game recaps of Terry's finest moments featuring TONS of stats, articles, & other detailed info! To view a recap, simply select a game from the choices below.

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[McMillen and Wife's Steelers Page]
Page created & maintained by McMillen and Wife, � 1997-2017.