Fan Tribute to Terry Bradshaw
Sports heroes keep us young. To this day, whenever I see the video clip of Bradshaw firing that 18-yard TD dart to Swann in Super Bowl 13, I'm instantly 9-years old again... and I love it!

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the "Glory Days" of the '70s Steelers, and of course, Terry Bradshaw. For me, growing up being a Steelers fan wasn't just about what happened in the "real" game... it was also about what happened after the game when my friends and I would all dash across the street to the park (named South Park, rather appropriately) and re-enact the events we had just watched unfold on TV (on those rare occasions when our Steelers were actually televised). We live in north central Ohio in the absolute heart of Browns Country, so there were only three of us, but we were as die-hard as Steelers fans come. Kevin Perkins was Jack Lambert. Todd Bolin was Franco. And I was, of course, Bradshaw. We all had glorious pro football careers on that well-worn field across from my house. Man, those were great times.

At the ripe old age of 7, I discovered the Steelers during Super Bowl X, which is my first really vivid memory of a pro football game (I was already a Buckeyes fan, though... after all, that was the era of Woody Hayes and Archie Griffin). From that point on, I lived & breathed Steelers. I was always a glory hound, so it only made sense that Bradshaw & Swann would be my favorites. They remain so to this day.

Eventually, the dynasty ended of course, and with its passing, my interest in football waned a bit for a several years. I guess it's always a bit discouraging when one of your favorite players finally succumbs to injury or "old age" and calls it quits, but it's especially difficult when you're a kid. The first year without Bradshaw was a bit surreal. By the time Lambert retired, I was pretty disillusioned by the whole thing. When you're a kid, you just think those guys will somehow just keep playing forever. In hindsight, they do... not on the field, but in the heart.

Times change, of course. The innocent eyes of a child turn into the speculating eyes of an adult. Sports have become so commercial and full of lust for money that they often seem devoid of the love for the game that was so evident in my youth. Thankfully, there's a little piece of my heart that's still stuck back in 1979, and in that place lives the "kid" who faithfully shows up every Sunday to watch the Steelers with unbridled enthusiasm and excitement.

Thanks for preserving the "kid" in me, Terry... you were a great hero to that lanky, freckle-faced punk.

--Tim McMillen, Webmaster

Send us your thoughts & memoirs about Terry Bradshaw.

The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Paul Wood

It's been a long time since we've corresponded. I'm in Germany and this is who I got to meet. I don't know if you've ever had the opportunity but I'm 33 now and have dreamed of meeting Terry Bradshaw since I was 8. I told him outside of marrying my lovely wife (as I pointed to her) that meeting him was the biggest thrill of my life. I told him I was the biggest Steeler fan in the history of the state of Texas. You might also be interested to know that I asked him the following question. I said, "Jack Lambert has often said that the '76 team was actually the best ya'll ever had. Would you agree?". His response was that yeah we lost Rocky and Franco in the Baltimore game and I don't know if we would have beat the Raiders or not, but we were just devistated. He said yeah without a doubt that was the best team we ever had. I just wanted to share this with you since you are such a big old school Steeler fan like me. Hey I was so happy with them getting that big time safety from USC. Take care and God Bless.


Submitted by Sue
Hi folks! Thanks for this wonderful website. Yes, this is yet another "Gotta love ya Terry" email. OK, so here goes....Your simply adorable! Every bit of ya! If you ever make it out in the Chicago and this 38 year old woman would love a chance to two-step into your heart. I really enjoy the FOX NFL show. Wish you guys would have done the SuperBowl! Yes....I am a football (oh, this part hurts to admit) and a Bears fan. Lovey's takin' us to the SuperBowl! OK, you can stop laughing now!

Anyway, thanks for the laughs! Keep shining that smile and sparkling those baby-blues!


Submitted by Carl Lee
Hey Terry and family, Your site is wonderful ! Just thought I'd drop and e-mail and tell you that Rachel has been singing with my dallas/ft.worth band of the year band here lately and I have to tell you she is SPECTACULAR !! I'm going to help her anyway I can to pursue her dream of music. She's very talented ! We just did the State Fair Of Texas "Main Stage" and she was great.....Anyway I'll let ya'll go, your friend, Carl lee c/o SANTA FE 1999 Band Of The Year

Submitted by Rebecca Smith
I am a big fan of Terry Bradshaw. I became an avid Steelers fan when I was 8; it was all because of Terry Bradshaw. I thought he was a great quarterback as well as a wonderful person. I admired him whether or not he threw a touchdown pass or if he threw an interception. In my eyes he was the greatest and he still is today. I love watching him on Fox. He has a great personality and even though he has had difficult times, he keeps going . Even if he is hurting, he tries his best to be funny and entertain his fans and the general public. I will always be a big fan of his and hope that life for him will only be uphill fron here on.

I love ya Terry!! You are Terrific!
Rebecca Smith--NJ

Submitted by Belinda Saites
I just wanted to say my husband is a huge fan of football and of course we all have to watch it, well they were showing about Terry Bradshaw and his life etc... and I cant tell you how it made me feel, I found out last week that I have a.d.d. and I'm gonna get all kinds of tests done etc... next week. I just want you to know that I have always felt alone with the way I feel, etc., and your not alone with the things you talked about its hard for me to explain but thank you for you.

Sincerely, Belinda Saites

Submitted by Peggy Lynn
Hello there,

This email is intended for Terry Bradshaw. Last week I was watching Jay Leno. I couldn' help but feel attracted to your candidness and your humor over being newly divorced, but AVAILABLE!!

I too have been married 3 times , and have just signed final divorce papers.

I am also from Louisiana.

I have always liked your smile and your charisma, no matter what you're doing.

Well, unlike most of the females which have emailed before me, I do not really know a lot about football. I do like to go to live football games and have watched games on TV; been to a few tailgate parties in Baton Rouge; and have always wanted to learn about the game itself, but never have had the right teacher.

I am an available, attractive,49 year-old female with no children. I am medium build, some tummy pudge, nice legs, great eyes and nice smile. I have been searching for a good gym in this area.

(I may have time now that I don't have a spouse or children to care for.) I am currently employed on weekends at a women's shelter for abused women. I am a substitute teacher also. I have a small wholesale/ retail candy business which I have recently started about 3 months ago.

Even though I am from Louisiana, I have traveled alot. I lived for 3 1/2 years in Germany; lived in Colorado, Virginia, St. Louis, Tampa, Georgia etc. and currently living in a very small rural town which is not too far from a military base located near Leesville or as you may know about.. ..TOLEDO BEND. I don't live very far from Toledo Bend and have family that lives on Vernon Lake in Leesville.

Oh, Terry, I do not have any problem with balding men !! The way I see it gives one more place to kiss, and if a man has a balding head, you know what he's going to look like in his later years, (no surprise when he looses his hair)

By the way, I normally would not do such a thing as this E-mail , especially to an unknown person; but I have to admit it was your smile, and your great sense of humor. Don't ever let anyone or anything take that away from you! I might ad, your bod isn't bad either !HA!

You said that you had children. How old are your children?

I love children, but never found the man that I felt would be a good enough dad for my child and when I did it was too late for me to get pregnant!! This marriage that just ended, I had raised two daughters since age 5 and 7, they are currently age 11 and 13. My second marriage,I raised a daughter from age 11 until 18 when her dad and I split. She and I still enjoy a close relationship.

I would really like a chance to at least meet you and see if the charisma is the same in person as on TV screen, commercial etc. I wish you the best and what ever is your heart's desire for your future !! Don't let the author of depression, doubt, and unsound mind keep you down. Claim the victory in the scriptures in regards to a sound mind, it works!!, but we must claim God's promise in our lives!

In the event that you might be intersted, please email me. Man..aren't we brave with emails!ha!

E-mail address:

Truly Yours,
Peggy Lynn

Submitted by Kenneth Besig
I was watching Jay Leno tonight and his first guest was none other than Terry Bradshaw, the Pittsburgh Steelers football great. I you could let Terry know, that he, perhaps more than any other player, defined true greatness in football. I was even more impressed with how he has developed his talents in other directions, but he will always be the greatest!

Submitted by Lisa Todd
Terry Bradshaw appeared this last week on the Jay Leno program...At one point he made comments to the female audience that he was single and open to find a nice women to date...Well here goes...I'm a single 47 year old mother of four children, my second child a son, is a offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys... I have not felt the urge to date in the last five years since the divorce but just recently have been toying with the idea of starting again...If Mr. Bradshaw would be interested, I'd love to meet a 50 year old bald man whose been divorced 3 times!!! I reside in Southern California.


Submitted by Allen Harper
Dear mcmillenand wife:

I am an ardent Raiders fan, and my second favorite team was the Rams. Terry whipped them both. I love football more than any team so I want to tell you that I think Terry was the greatest Quarterback of all time. Two reasons off the top. One when the pocket was about to collapse on him in the big Rams game an arm came out of the middle of the mob and threw a sixty yard + pass. I knew at that very moment he was an inspired player. Two he always got the job done with much the same inspiration and won four big ones.

Thank You
Allen Harper

Submitted by TSgt Tom
I was born in 1963 and grew up loving the steelers. I still do. Terry Bradshaw was and still is my hero. He was awesome against the Vikings, Cowboys and Rams in the 70's! He is no dummy! Even though he and Chuck Noll did'nt get along we owe him a big THANK YOU for winning four titles!

Thanks for your time and tell all the steelers I said hello from Southwest Asia!


TSgt Tom
OEF 2003

Submitted by Steeler Bob
Thank you very much for your web site. It get me through the spring and summer. I stumbled on this about 2 years ago . I just read the Bradshaw acceptence speech. than you very much

Bob Jensen aka Steeler Bob

Submitted by Lawrence Cutsinger
I saw Terry on Leno last night. He talked about the results of a compound he had ordered to regrow his hair. He had mentioned ordering it on his previous appearance aboaut a month earlier. Well, it was a disaster: his head was blistered. Then he said he'd like to have a full head of hair again. He can...without buying anything. But it will take him about 7-8 years. He said he's 54 now.

I mention Terry in my web page,, just at the end of a section entitled: Verification: "I'm a Grunge!" :

"Even former Beatle Paul McCartney had a compulsion to tease former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw about his bald head during the 2002 Super Bowl coverage. (I was balder than Terry.)"

Please tell Terry about my web page. It was distressing to hear him relate that he's been experiencing depression. But at least he's using his experience to help others. A wonderful person who deserves only the best.

I'm from Chicago and not a sports fan though I watch occasionally. I saw Terry on TV in a game played at Pittsburgh early in his career and was astounded. Especially as the fans booed him. In that game at least, I saw one of the gutsiest guys ever to play. And who wouldn't be charmed by that enthusiastic personality.

I'm still a relative newbie at the computer and just now getting into doing searches at I wish I'd known what info can be found there sooner as I'd seen Terry on Leno a year earlier and the subject then was also baldness. I think it was Leno using his reflexive cheap shot humor though his overall routine has improved in the last year. There'll never be another Johnny.

Best wishes with your web page and tell Terry that there are probably legions of his fans like me who never get involved with fan clubs. Terry is always a day brightener regardless of the time or weather conditions.

Best regards,
Lawrence Cutsinger

Submitted by Ruth Davis
I have loved Terry for many years. He is and will always be my favorite football player and sportscaster. I would love to know where I could get a shirt with 12 on it. Please let me know where I can get some of Terry's stuff. Thank you.

Submitted by Marc Ciampi
I will always remember watching Terry Bradshaw passing from within the greatest NFL offensive line blocking ever fielded. Terry Bradshaw personified the quarterback position...although he didn't amass the all young quarterbacks today...& forever... Johnny Unitas was great, too, but different. Bradshaw was dependable Sunday afternoon vindication. He made me an NFL to this day. GO STEELERS! ...& success to the Marines.

M. Ciampi, Jacksonville, NC.

Submitted by Joyce Wess
My name is Joyce Wess and I'm from Cedar Bluff, VA and I want to send you the ABC's of Terry Bradshaw, this is how I see him:

A - Awesome
B - Blonde
C - Christian
D - Daring
E - Everything
F - Faithful
G - Gorgeous
H - Handsome
I - Intriguing
J - Joyous
K - Kind
L - Loving
M - Magnificent
N - Notorious
O - Outstanding
P - Perfect
Q - Quarterback
R - Respectable
S - Spirited
T - Talented
U - Understanding
V - Vivacious
W - Wonderful
X - X-tra special
Y - Yummy
Z - Zealous

Now how can a man like this have bad luck with women? I think he just made wrong choices. Tell him to call me.

Submitted by Joyce Wess
Terry's books, It's Only A Game and Keep It Simple are just wonderful. I bought It's Only A Game when me and my family went to the beach last year and I sat by the pool at our motel and on the beach and laughed and laughed. People would stop and ask me about the book and I told them it was the best and funniest book I had ever read. I have read it several times since then, but I really enjoyed both of those books and I do hope he writes another one very soon. I tell my husband all the time that Terry Bradshaw is the only man I have ever seen that I would leave him for. The people who are quick to criticize this man and seem to think he's not much should read his books and look into his heart and they would definitely change their minds. He is wonderful and Terry, if you read these, keep it simple and know that all over the country there are people who love you and I'm 53 years old and have grandchildren, but I love you more and more every day. God bless!!!!!! Joyce Wess

Submitted by Joyce Wess
Terry Bradshaw is absolutely wonderful, I think he is a fine Christian man with good values. I don"t think people give him the credit he deserves. I would love to meet this man and tell him just how important he is to me and what he has instilled in my life. If I could speak to him right now I would tell that I think bald is beautiful to go along with a beautiful heart and soul that I feel he possesses. I think his parents can be very proud of the man that he has become. I love you Terry Bradshaw!!!!!!!! Be proud of who you are and May God richly bless you.

Submitted by Mike Guzman

Submitted by Bonnie Lewis
I was a Steeler (and still am) when Terry played and loved him then! You never had to worry when Terry was in charge, even with only 2 mins. Left.

I am writing on a dare! I just love Terry's sence of humor and watch him every chance I get. I keep telling my friends that Now that he is older her his ready for a plain old normal girl and now that I am a 52 year old widow, I am the one!!! I even had my 6th grad class thinking that I was going to marry Terry!!!It was a howl, even some parents believe me!

My friends, most of whom are not Steeler Fans since I don't live in Pittsburgh any longer said I would never have the nerve to Emal Terry! Shows how well they know me!!! So, this is as close as I could come. So, If you let Terry know, I emailed him and if he is ready for a wonderful normal woman he can get in touch with me. My husband would be proud from up in heaven!(Even though he was a die hard Miami fan) Have a great summer and Ill see you at the Super Bowl this year, because I know, Pittsburgh's going to the superbowl!(you gotta sing that part!!!) If you, or better yet Terry would like to Emal me my address is BonELew

Thank You!
Bonnie Lewis

Submitted by Nancy Cumberledge
Hi there!

I was just wondering if you knew if Mr. Bradshaw read any of the comments left on your "Fans Forum"? I just had a baby boy that we named "Bradshaw", and just wanted to let Mr. Bradshaw know that he's got a namesake in Kentucky (but originally from Pittsburgh!)

Nancy Cumberledge

Submitted by Jean Sharpe
My husband and I met Terry Bradshaw before he became a Pittsburgh Steeler. In about 1974, Terry was between college and reporting to the Steelers! My husband was the Motor Vehicle Controller for the State of Mississippi. We were at a Mississippi Truckers Convention in Biloxi, MS. My husband did not play in the golf game that year so we walked up to the Hospitality Room---there was no one but us in there and a young man came walking in alone. We sit down together and began to talk. He introduced himself and I knew I had heard the name before. My husband said that it was Terry Bradshaw who had been signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers! I made Terry a promise right there that we would pull for Pittsburgh Steelers while he was there! I also told him that no one in the South every pulled for the Steelers but I made a solemn promise and me and my family kept that promise. He probably would never remember us.

Now, we watch Terry wherever and whenever he is on the television. He is right up there with the greatest Quarterback ever. I love the commercials he makes and on FOX Sports. I know they all kid around and seem to pick on Terry but he laughs all the way to the bank! I don't know how to get in touch with him now but you might please tell him that he has many, many fans here in Alabama! That is where we live now!

Jean Sharpe

Submitted by Chercat
I just want to say that i just adore Terry Bradshaw and always have he is the most nicest guy I have ever seen. He reminds me of my Brother Jack and I guess that is why I think so highly of Terry and My Big Brother is right up there on my list of all around great People both are Christians and love their Lord very much thats another reason that I like Terry he is a gentleman with a funny attitude which I adore I watch him every Sunday all I want to say is that Terry I love you buddy keep on smiling love that smile . :) One of your biggest fans and always will be

Chercat (Cheryl from Florida)

Submitted by Judy Maxwell
When I was a young lady, Betty Bradshaw and her family visited my family. Betty was married to Fred Jones, my first cousin. They lived in another state and we rarely got to see them but Betty always spoke highly of Terry Bradshaw. In fact, she tried to tell us she was kin to Terry. I didn't put much merit into it at the time but several times I have wondered if she really was kin to him. I simply do not know. She died several years ago. Anyway, it keeps going through my head that Mr. Bradshaw should know that she was very proud of him -- always was -- until the very end. I am a lot older now - 47 - to be exact and just finished reading his book and thought I needed to let someone know about Betty. I don't know if he has ever heard of her or not but please pass this on to him if you can because even if she wasn't related to him, I was proud that she wanted to be. I think he is a good role model and I think his book should be in every high school.

Judy Maxwell

Submitted by Emfnine
tim, i am a browns fan. born and raised in cleveland. the only thing outside of c-town that i hold in my memory is that terry bradshaw was the man. in fact , that is how i became a browns fan. i was about 12 years old and i decided that i would wear a bradshaw jersey to thankskiving dinner. big mistake in cleveland. my jersey was torn off , i was forced into the snow and i learned at a young age that you do not ever root for the pittsburgh steelers in my family. the browns rule , steelers suck and if you disagree i'll hit you upside the head with a plastic beer bottle. WHAT!! WHAPPPPPPPP> BROWNS

I normally don't stay up past 10:00, but I was watching Jay Leno tonight and Terry was a guest. He said he couldn't get anyone to go out with him and indicated he was severely scarred from all the rejection. Please let him know I promise I will be kind and not reject him. I used to work in a nursing home and I get along well with old people.

I'm serious...I would love to go out with him!

Submitted by Arterburn
Terry Bradshaw is the greatest quaterback and football announncer ever!

Submitted by Erasmo Munguia
terry bradshaw was what Pittsburgh steelers image was all about, tough as nails and hard to bring down kind of guy.

cowboy fan

Submitted by Lee Reece
As you know terry bradshaw was a great football player, but he also, was a great high school javelin thrower. I worked at the bossier city invitational when threw the javelin & set a high school record for 10-15 years. When I was at la. Tech I saw you play many great games,espcially when tech beat northwestern in the last 30 seconds on a bomb from you to your high school playing mate. It was a great pleasure to watch you in the pros.

Keep the faith,

Submitted by Allyson Ganus
I am a 32 year old single mom, and for some reason I have ALWAYS been in love with Terry Bradshaw. Had a steelers jersey when I was 6. Didn't know anything about football, at the time, but certainly knew Mr. Bradshaw.

I saw an interview with him sometime last year, I think, and he said he had terrible luck with women. For some reason, that endeared him to me even more.

Now that those commercials have come out, I can't quit thinking about him. I've never written a fan letter before, and am certainly not a STALKER, but this is soooooo weird. I've seen Jean Claude Van Damme in person...... no attraction. OJ"s son asked me out....... no attraction....... met Quiet Riot...... obviously, no attraction. This Terry Bradshaw thing really has me stumped. Its gotten even worse since my 2 year old son's favorite one is the one with ALF. He says "Got cats?" and I say "No, Fur Ball", and he says "Jealous" about 20 times a day.

Well, thank you for listening, and I assure you I wish no harm to Mr. Bradshaw. I just thought he might like to know a little girl from the mid west has a huge, harmless crush on him.

Thank you
Allyson Ganus

Submitted by BPU
Do you remember the Rough Riders and the Ford truck you ran through the biggest mud hole and got stuck with the best of us! Have to admit you played as tough as you did on the football field. We will always remember how much fun we had that day. Thanks for the memories on the field and off. Your commercials are Great! When you are in Shreveport, come by and visit with us at D & B Mangement and meet the "Mayor of Red Chute!" Look forward to seeing you again. BPU

Submitted by Jerry Coleman
Thanks for the great moments and memories, Terry. Very sincere sympathies to you for the loss of Mike. We fans can only grieve for his legend. But you knew him.

A Pittsburgh fan -

Submitted by Victoria Grismore
Hello from Indiana!

First of all, I want to say and want you to know what a Great, Wonderful and Beautiful website you have....on the One and Only Greatest Quarterback of All-time, the Legend and Man himself.....Terry Bradshaw!!

Being a long-time, die-hard and faithful fan of Terry Bradshaw and the Pittsburgh Steelers, I want to say.....Thank you so much for your blood, sweat and tears.....your patience, time and work that you have done to make this Wonderful website possible. I greatly appreciate it. I believe your website is a blessing, and also an opportunity for not only faithful, die hard fans.....but for those who desire to seek knowledge about the Greatest QB and Team of All-time.

Well, I guess I'll introduce myself now.....LOL!! My name is Vicki, and I've been (and still am!!) a Huge Steeler fan since I was about 9...I'm 34 now.

I have never been to Pittsburgh, and have never been to a Pro football game. My hope and dream is to one day meet Terry Bradshaw and the boys, visit his Hometown, visit the Great city of Pittsburgh, and last but not least.....see my Pittsburgh Steelers play ball from the stands at Heinz Field. It's not the same as it was then, so I sometimes wish, I had a time machine to warp me back in time to that Great era of time when Bradshaw and the boys were making history on the field. To have been able to be there sitting, watching from the stands, would''ve been the greatest moment in my life. Yes, I'll admit with no shame that I am an addict, a sports is my life and will continue to be so.

When I was young, I wrote a little poem about and for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It came from the heart, and I still know it by heart. Soon, it will be engraved on a beautiful plaque.....and I know one day, I'll be able to hand it to Terry personally.

Before I close, here is my question. Would you happen to know if Terry Bradshaw will be at the 2003 Steelers Fan Blitz (Alumni) Event this year? Also, would you happen to know of other former and current players that will attend the event this year?

If you have any info, please email. Thank you!

Victoria Grismore

Submitted by Steelersfanfromw
ever since i was in 6th grade i have always loved the steelers.of course we had to be- cause we only lived an hour from pittsburgh. all the kids would dress in steelers colors every friday before the game. we even had tennis shoes to match.remember the converses? those were it. terry bradshaw will always remain in my heart always and 4ever. we actually have a lot in common. maybe we can hook up sometime!!!!!

Submitted by Donna Vanvalkenburg
i really want to thank mr. bradshaw for writing 'it's only a game' and 'keep it simple'. i have always loved football and for a woman, i really understand the game. it was really my brothers love of the steelers in the 70's.

i have since so enjoyed his NFL pre-game shows, and of course his commericals. one night i watched him on 'centerstage'. he was able to laugh at himself and i laughed. then i came to a very difficult time in my life, very recently. i picked up his book and was really able to laugh. at times during the book i laughed so hard, i could hardly read the next sentence. i was able to put things in perspective and felt so much better.

it meant so much to me, to be able to laugh, during such a difficult time that i sent the book to my estranged husband. i want him to be able to laugh, and hope it will help as much as it helped me. laughter is GREAT medicine. and i really want mr. bradshaw to know, how much i appreciated the book.

donna vanvalkenburg

Submitted by Kathie Townsend
What can one say about Terry Bradshaw? He is the funniest, greatest quarterback ever!!! Tampa Bay's Keyshawn Johnson paid him quite a tribute today when they won and he sported Terry's jersey!! I am a 52 year old woman who has idolized Terry since the days of the Steel Curtain! I am a diehard Steeler fan!

Having grown up loving football and being a girl not allowed to play Pop Warner was hard. In my neighborhood our yard had the best layout to play some serious ball... but the boys didn't want me to play. So they had a choice... either I play or they couldn't in our yard. Of course they were convinced that I could only play touch football. Wrong!!! Who the hell wanted to play touch. Finally they gave in and no one could out tackle me. Why? Because I was a member of the Steel Curtain!!!

Year's later I worked at ABC News, the offices were located on the same floor as ABC Sports. In the lobby was a great picture of Terry. I got permission to take a picture of that photo. I had it enlarged to poster size and am still hopeful of one day meeting Terry and have him autograph it. I now live in Tacoma and anxiously await his return to Sea hawk Stadium with the hopes of having him sign it.

I have few regrets and one of those few is that I didn't make it to Three Rivers' Stadium... the place where Terry and the Steel Curtain ruled!!!

Submitted by Bruce Reynolds
Greetings from a Pittsburgh native who's stuck in southern Maryland. Fortunately there are a LOT of Steelers fans down here to keep me company. I just found your site and wanted to add a funny story to your Bradshaw memoirs page.

I was home on leave from the Navy over Christmas 1983, and my wife and I were visiting my parents in Pittsburgh. My family took us to the airport so we could fly back to Florida, and the Steelers were on their way to Oakland for the playoffs and were leaving from the next gate. As we went through the metal detectors, my sister saw that Terry Bradshaw was in line ahead of me, and I turned and saw that I was infact in line with Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Chuck Noll. My sister and I began jabbering about Bradshaw, and he kind of turned his head to hear what we were saying. Just then my confused wife, who is from Jacksonville, FL, asked in a fairly loud voice "Who the Hell is Terry Bradshaw?" Bradshaw's head whipped around in surprise and I thought Harris and Noll would die laughing. I had to explain that she was from Florida and not up- to speed on all things Pittsburgh. :)

Keep up the great work and thanks for making us expatriate Pittsburghers feel at home.

Bruce Reynolds

Submitted by TERRI MOSLEY


Submitted by Saurianoid
In an age when Pro Football is too often spotlighted for Player Salary Disputes, off-field fiascos involving law enforcement, ridiculous celebratory end zone dances and endless fines, the memories of watching a man in his physical prime joyfully playing a game for a living still warm my heart. So many of our current "Heroes" seem so woefully shallow when compared to the simple dignity and honest class of Terry Bradshaw.

Submitted by Karen Shipp
dear terry, i just want to let you know how much i enjoyed your enterview with jay leno. i just love your humor and personality. i wish you alot of patience with teenagers. i have raised my daughter and son on my own for the past 8 years and it is not easy. i also could not agree with you more about the "dating game" it is a nightmare to say the least. i also want to thank you for so many years of outstanding football. (my son played football in school until a knee injury took him out so to speak). i have told my son all along, that kids today have no idea what good football is and that if they want to see awesome football, watch the classics from the 70's. now that was football!!!! (thanks to GREAT players like yourself). it's such a shame that so many players these days are more concerned about how many millions they can make & etc. they would not have lasted one quarter up against you guys!!!! may God Bless You and your family with the best life has to offer. And may God Bless you someday with a soulmate that is indeed the right woman for you so you don't have to go through the rest of your life alone. (i think the most frustrating thing about being single is the little things, like someone waiting at home for you with a smile on his/her face and wanting to know how your day went...)

anyway, thanks again for your humor and personality and cute little face. OOOOH - and before i forget, good luck with your racing team!!!!! (i am also a racing nut - and was so excited when i heard you on the radio promoting your new racing team). it has taken me awhile to really get back into the swing of things with racing - i absolutely adored dale earnheardt and cried my heart out when he died. God Bless You.

Karen Shipp
Bay City, Texas

Submitted by Greg M
Just wanta say the man is *always* having a good time. I'm not a big sports fan, but just seeing him occasionally on the TV, doing the sports commentary circle, he's grand.

And he's on Leno tonite.

Greg M
Northfiled, Oh

Submitted by Jim

I have been a STEELERS fan since the ripe age of 8 yrs old. I first learned about football in the 3rd grade, the schoolyard kids would play in the paring lot, and imitate Franco, Terry, John (Stallworth), and Rocky on offense. I followed suit and became a STEELER fan, I stuck with them because I liked the BLACK AND GOLD--and because in my heart I felt I was part of a GREAT TRADITION. Even through the Bubby years...anyway, not to "ramble on"---- I was curious if you had a site dedicated to Franco, or Jack Lambert, or Joe Greene---I really enjoyed looking over those old Bradshaw stats, mostly because I didn't know what his career stats were, there weren't internet sites back in the mid eighties, which was when I really began my STEELER anyway THANK YOU FOR POSTING SOME WONDERFUL MEMORIES, now I can save them n my e-folder, I want to set up my e-mail so I can show me love for the BLACK & GOLD by having "click-on" icons located on my e-mail, would it cost anything to post your site to promote it? Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks again, Jim

Wish we had him now.

Submitted by Maria Hamilton
I personally think Terry is very handsome and funny. I enjoyed is most recent book, "Keep It Simple". I would be honored if I could meet him some day. Maybe when he's ready to look for his next wife, he'd like a Louisiana woman in her 40's (late 40's that is), who is just down to earth and can appreciate him. What the heck...we could be perfect for one another. If you want to pass this one to him, I'd be thrilled. I can definately make him "tingle" again.

Maria Hamilton

Submitted by Janet Miller
I have thought he was the most wonderful thing in the world since I was a child - a regular guy in terms of the "star" problems most people experience, and the most phenomenal athlete, a terrific person, so intelligent too, etc. Now, my mother tells me he's going to be single again.

I think to myself -- I'm a tall, pretty, intelligent woman -- what am I afraid of? I work, I'm educated, I have plenty of stuff and money and a rich father -- someone like him would KNOW that I don't need or want whatever he has, just whatever he has to offer... what the heck?

So, here I am, 37 years old, nearly six feet tall myself, probably more confident than I have the right to be, wanting to e-mail him or meet him or something.

I don't date, I have been divorced 12 or 13 years, and most men are just not interesting. I'm just wondering what someone like me does to get in touch with someone like him. I went searching on the net and found y'all, with all the information in the world (very impressive, by the way), and wondered if I could get additional information like how one would go about e-mailing someone like Terry?

I'll be gone for a while this winter to Ono Island, to my father's winter home, but will of course still have a cell and access to a computer and so forth; that's not a problem. All I need is the HELP. I've got a computer and a WEB TV and know how to use them but have never tried to get anyone's address or e-mail or anything -- especially not someone like him. A legend in his own right, but what I like about him is he's just still a man, just a nice guy.

Okay, it's late and I had to work up the courage to ask you, so there it is. Any ideas, suggestions, or information you could offer would be very helpful.


Janet Miller
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Submitted by Cliff Foster
This has got to be the greatest football web site. Terry Bradshaw, much like Aarnold Schwartznegger wass first thought to be a goon because of their personality. Look what thwy both accomplished! Credos for your first rate web. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Cliff Foster

Submitted by marrob
In my opinion, Terry Bradshaw is the greatest quaterback to have ever played the game. Bradshaw has guts. He never whined or complained, he just got the job done. I admired the way Bradshaw had the ability to go north and south on the football field and stay away from those short sideline passes that always seem to get intercepted. Philadelphia Eagles Quaterback Donovan McNabb, handles the ball a lot like Bradshaw did. McNabb's form, great arm, toughness, and ability to throw long, reminds me of Bradshaw. It's also amazing to me how knowledgeable Bradshaw is of the game. No doubt, Terry Bradshaw ranks among the best quaterbacks that ever played the game.

hello terry bradshaw im a big steelers fan for the past 36 years and i love terry and the steelers so much i remember all the greatest games terry and the steel curtain had in the glory days of the 70s ill always remember lynn swanns diving catch in the super bowl terry won 2 mvp rings yes i look up to terry bradshaw alot the steelers are looking like the team i remember back in the 70s i love watching fox 5 gameday with terry bradshaw who is my idle well thank you robert a die hard steelers fan.

Submitted by Andrew Ingram
Every time I am asked who the greatest quarterback who ever lived was, I have to say Terry Bradshaw. My wife met Terry a couple of months ago at a department store, when she asked him for his autograph he giggled, and went out of his way to joke with her and show that he is more than a celebrity. If you read this Terry, thank you! After meeting you she will watch football with me. Thank you for the memories, and I bet you would still be the best player in the league!

Andrew Ingram

Submitted by Karen White

Submitted by Laura Grunert
Hi, I am an avid Pittsburgh fan. I wasn't old enough to remember the boos for Bradshaw, only the cheers. Anyway, my best friend is a HUGE Terry Bradshaw fan. She is old enought to remember all. But, I must tell you, all these years later, I have seen her get into heated arguments defending Bradshaw as if he were playing today. She has three dreams, one to have a beer with Bradshaw, breakfast with Patty Burns and coffee with Patrice King Brown. Well, she sets her sights high, only two are left. Maybe she won't have a beer with Bradshaw, but can she see him at a signing or something? I would love to take her somewhere that he is. During his great years, she spent most of her time in the hospital. She has Myasthenia Gravis and has battled back beyond what anyone thought capable. She is a tremendous person, caring, wonderful, loves football. She has no money, but somehow affords her big screen TV and the NFL ticket. She buries herself inside her apartment on game days, catching every moment of football that she can. And through it all she still believes that Bradshaw is uncontroverted.

Thank you and Sincerely,
Laura Grunert

Submitted by stlr4lif

Submitted by Cuco Perea
Thanks for the web site. I remember when he used to get booed all the time when he first go to the Steelers. His first and second season he got clovered and he even got very depressed when we got on the field. I'm so glad I stood behind him, I always followed his game.

Submitted by kaptkj
Eastern Airlines. We had a plane awaiting departure, the engines were running. I received a call about a last minute passenger that was at the "ticket counter". It was snowing, the weather was bad. I called and said that I would hold the plane for the passenger. The passenger was Terry Bradshaw. We got the "passenger" to the departure gate. I asked him if I could have anautograph for my son. He was in a hurry and did not want the flight to be delayed. I explained that the flight would not leave until he boarded. (I'm from "Pittsburgh") Mr. Bradshaw wrote an autograph for my son. The flight departed, made up air time and arrived at the next airport on time. That was years ago. My son, who will turned thirty years old on March 4, 2002, has that autograph framed in his home. Terry might have been "booed" a few times, but that's Pittsburgh. I do not think that anyone person is more remembered, loved and respected in "Pittsburgh than Terry Bradshaw. If he ever visits Maryland's "Eastern Shore", a blue crab feast is on me.

Submitted by Tbjm1216
Hi: Just wanted to say that was really, a class act to do this for Terry.He is so genuine and you got love the person.He has a heart bigger than the universe and it takes a big heart to do what you did for him too.Thanks for recognizing the "elite" of all quarterbacks of all time. Sincerely, Dave Kutch. I just want to say that I remember this quote from the movie "The Sandlot". Heroe's get remembered but, legends never die. The best to you both.

Pittsburgh Steelers forever in our hearts and minds.

Terry has recieved a bad contact with the Steelers. Everyone in Pgh. knows that he was the star, aand when he got hurt the Steeler's management treated him so badly. Some one that took you to where they were, should be treated with respect. But this is the view of the Pgh. fans. He is a star!!

Submitted by Wendy Walden
I met Terry Bradshaw about 34 years ago in Hutchinson Ks. in fact before Terry went Pro he was working in Hutchinson and my parents met him in a club and eventually offered him a place to stay. Terry ended up living with us for about 3 months. I was only 3 years old at the time but I do have some memorys of when he was with us. I have followed his career ever since and I have been a big fan. He was definetly one of the greats! I am now reading his book "Its only a game" and I can relate to so many things he is telling about.

Submitted by John Gross
hi, my name is john gross... work for nfl films... took the shot of terry being picked up by turkey jones and being dropped on his head----he's used it several times on david lettermen... heard one of his speeches from the million dollar roundtable... it is awesome...

Submitted by Franki McCartney
growing up i was able to know alot of players. my uncle (Bobby Walden ) the kicker for the steelers would make sure we all knew them and loved being around them .Mr. Terry Bradshaw was a wonderful man and i hope that he never changed . in the comment he made at the top of your page Mr. Terry states his skin got tuff. i can understand that one . Just wanted to stop and say he is a great man and i am honored to have been around him as a child.

Thank you!
Franki McCartney

Submitted by Pam Burkhalter
Hi there! My name is Pam Burkhalter and I recently saw Terry Bradshaw on a Dallas morning news program and I would like to meet him. I believe he said that he was living in Austin and that he is now single. I live in Ft. Worth but visit Austin regularly because I now have a 19 year old daughter going to U.T. and I am a former All-American U.T. Longhorn Cheerleader (back in the Earl Campbell days.)

I believe that I have alot in common with Terry - I love to work out ( 1996 Ms. Southwest Fitness America), I have a six-pack to die for, and I even play golf now! (Golfer is now a prerequisite for the men I date - I'm hooked!)

It seems a little crazy that I'm doing this, but we only live once and now that I'm in my forties(43), I'm a little more bold and confident than I used to be. I would appreciate it if you would send this E-mail to Terry or send me his E-mail address (if he is single and available- if not, disregard this entirely.) Thank you so much!

Pam Burkhalter

Submitted by Brendalee Anderson
I just caught Terry on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne. Near the end--like the last 19 seconds as Terry teased--Craig showed an album with Terry (age 30-something in the tupee-ear none the less!) anyway, Kilborn went on to say that the album was a Gospel one!! And it was stated that Terry had recorded THREE Gospel albums!! He then went on to sing a small part of The Room of Prayer-I think that is the title- and it was wonderful!! Would you happen to know where I could maybe get a copy of one or any of the albums? I would greatly appreciate any info.

Thank You
Brendalee Anderson
a fan of Terry's! :)

Submitted by Paver
I grew up idolizing the Steel Curtain, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, and first and foremost Terry Bradshaw. Those Super bowls and magnificent runs in the playoffs are truly what football and America stand for. NOTHING BUT WINNERS! I feel very fortunate to have grown up in that era, and won many a neighborhood football game as the Steelers. Thanx for al the great memories TB!!!!!

Submitted by Steven M. Thomas
Hello Terry,

I am Steven Thomas and now living in Phoenix Az. I was born in S.Dak and my best team was The Steelers , I really enjoyed watching Steelers play week after week. Center Mike Webster, Terry Bradshaw , Lyne Swan , Mean Joe Green and Jack Lambert, Thank you for playing football and being in the Super Bowl I am so happy your with Fox Sports! I always enjoy watching you with J.B. , Howie,& Chris. I get more out of My football every week. Terry you add so much to your comentary with the guys. I get the moves from the field and the laughs from you to keep me on the edge of my seat.No matter what Howie or Chris say about you your still the #1 QB of all time!!!!!

Thanks for the GREAT times ,
Steven M. Thomas
Phx, Az

Submitted by Dorothy Bergman
I just love Terry's TV commercials and hope he continues to make them. I like his sense of humor. My husband and I met terry once at the pro shop at Kapalua, Maui. He was very cordial.

Dorothy Bergman

Submitted by Cy Harris
Dear Sirs;

My name is Cy Harris I am 42 years old and I have watched Terry Bradshaw especially during his prime and when, as he usually did, every Sunday whip up on the Dallas Cowboys of which I at one time was a great fan. (Laundry days)

However, let me please ask you to add to all of his accolades his most recent, most powerful move that I have ever seen. When he several weeks ago on FOX network when he lifted his right arm and told the public to look in God's word (holding up the Bible) for answers to all their problems. He mentioned Psalm chapter 10 which I had already read earlier in the week, then read it to my fifteen year-old son who eye's lit up when I told him what Mr. Bradshaw had said. I want to say thanks to Terry and wanted him to know that he has two new friends and followers.


Cy Harris

Submitted by Greg Harry
I just wanted to say how impressed and joyed I was with Terry's comments on last week's FOX pregame show. In all the turmoil, tragedy and heartbreak of the World Trade Center tragedy, Terry cuts right thru and reminds everyone there is the Bible, the Word of God, we can turn to for comfort. Psalms ch. 10 that he particularly pointed out is beautiful literature about our relationship we can have with our Creator.

Way to go, Terry! Take care

Greg Harry
Marietta, GA

Submitted by Deborah Hopkins


Submitted by Gerry Gervais
Hello, I have never done this before, but I would like to express my thoughts about the Terry Bradshaw of the 1990's. I have seen him on numerous TV ads and on some sports commentaries as well as in country videos. I do like football but never was an avid fan, I watch occasional games, mostly the New England games since I am from Massachusetts. I did want to say that from what I have seen and heard of him; I think he has a great sense of humor and seems like a very caring person. We are the same age and I find these qualities rare in men from this area. Now that I have read more about him on your site I can also see that if you are a friend of Terry's you should consider yourself lucky to know him. He is one of the greatest and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

Thank You!
Gerry Gervais, a female fan for many more years to come.

Submitted by Martha Schultz
I just wanted to let terry know I bought his book so as to help with his support payment to his ex wife, as he ask for on T.V,. The first Sunday of football.I hope this helps. Also I will vote for him for Governor, I will have to move to Alabama though. Give him my love.

Martha Schultz

Submitted by Smoke
I just wanted to let Mr. Bradshaw know I think that he has a glorious sense of humor, I totally enjoy him in the Toby Keith video and the A T T commercials... Thank you for always giving me a great giggle, I can be having one of those days and I see the video and just crack up!!!!!!

Yours Truly, Smoke

Submitted by Nat LaBorde
I just had to write,on August 27th ,I got to meet the GREATEST quarterback Ever,that's right,Mr.Bradshaw,he was signing copies of his new book''it's only a game''.He was very cool,my oldest son Zach had his picture takin with him as did I .I know this probaly ain't no big deal to some but I have always wanted to shake his hand.........sure were alot of Dallas jerkoffs at the signing,even they know who really rules!!!!!


P.S.We'll get the 5th ring this year,mark my words!!!

Submitted by Frieda Mitchell

I am the mother of Jerry D. Mitchell II, he is 32 years old. Five years ago Jerry, had an auto accident and received Trama Brain Injury. He has had a very rough time, he has improved beyond any exceptions. Jerry, has been at home and we work with him daily.

Jerry, was a true fan of yours and he still is, he talks about the people and things from his past. His short term memory has improved (only the things that are of interest to him). A day doesn't go by that he doesn't mention the team, you and others.

If you could e-mail Jerry, that would be one of the happiest days of his life.

Thank you,
Frieda Mitchell

Submitted by Cindy Gray
Hi. I saw Terry on the Jay Leno show the other night. He was talking about his hometown of Shreveport, LA and it brought back some memories of mine that I would love to ask him about. He used to be a good friend of my sisterís, Sherry Boyett, (who died shortly after graduation 1967). I also went to Southwood High School with his younger brother, Pat. I would love to ask him if he remembers my sister and when he and Joe Ferguson would pick her up in the mornings for school. Iím just curious if her remembers and has anything he could tell me about my sister. She was only 18 when she died and I was 5 years younger. If you could please tell me how I can email him personally I would truly appreciate it. My email address is Thanks for anything you can do to help!

Cindy Gray

Submitted by Thomas L. Givens Jr.
In 1965 an 8yr. little boy got to go to his very first football game to watch his older foster brother play ball. After the game his Dad took him up to the locker room so they could pick up his brother and go out for a bite to eat. The little boy got to meet the players. God they were huge to him! He even got to meet the QB of the team! He got to shake his hand even and say something to him. From that day forward that little boy thought that big guy was the absolute coolest football player in the world and followed his career from then on.

Later on the little boys folks moved to a small town in east Texas where he went to high school. All his friends were Cowboys fans. Not that little boy though. He was still cheering for his idol whom he had followed in the news and media all thru the years and was now the QB of the reigning world champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Could they do it? Could his hero defeat the awesome Cowboys and put a sock in the mouths of all his friends who jeered him because he rooted so vehemently for his hero and his team? Yes! They did it. They won.

Ten years of hero worship and now his hero was the QB of the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. 4 times did his hero lead his team to championships and each one was wonderful. Yet, none quite matched that second one. The second one had vindicated him to his friends there in that small east Texas town. For a little while he could stand just a little taller than his friends and his "I told you so's" held some weight with them. They had to admit that HIS hero had defeated the great Roger Staubach in battle on the gridiron.

Many years have passed since then. His hero has since retired and gone on to other things. The little boy has long ago grown up and is well into his lifes journey. Neither the boy nor the man has gotten to meet his hero again since that long ago day in Shreveport, La. when he first met him after seeing him lead the Woodlawn Knights on to victory. He never got his autograph and he didn't save any memorlbilia. He never got to see him play in person again, not in high school, not in college there at La. Tech and not as a pro for their beloved Steelers. Today all that remains are the memories of a time when an 8yr. old boy discovered a hero. A hero who became worthy of his idolization as the years went by.

Today that man who was the little boy so long ago can only hope and pray that his own son will find in his life a hero to prove to him that sometimes you can succeed against all odds. One who will oneday help him to hold his head a little higher around his friends when he says to them " I Told You So!"

I am proud to be that man and still that little boy.

Thomas L. Givens Jr.
Dayton, Texas

Submitted by Lisa Alexander
I had the opportunity to meet, once again, my idol! Terry was in Pittsburgh (Barnes & Noble) yesterday, signing autographs for his new book, "It's Only a Game." Terry is still the most awesome person I have ever met. He is so down-to-earth and, most importantly, has a great sense of humor. He is letting his grow (in the back, that is) and it looks really good. If you haven't had an opportunity to pick up his book, please do so. It's very interesting, and will definitely make you laugh. Cheers for #12: The all-time greatest quarterback ever.

Lisa Alexander

Submitted by D. Bosler

We met Terry Bradshaw in Siesta Key Fl. last week and he graciously posed for a picture with my son and I. Where can I send a thank you note ?

Mr. D. Bosler

Submitted by Bobby Burns


Submitted by Andrea Boggess
He was and always will be one of the best. Few people know more about football, and being a respecter of people than Terry Bradshaw.

Submitted by Brenda Henry
I had the opportunity to meet Terry as well as his father Bill and brother, Gary in Otsego Michigan. Terry was doing a hunting video and I was the writer for the song that Terry performed in this video, "Leaps of Thunder". I took alot of pictures. Watching him with his family was so neat. He was so down to earth. He related his hunting experience to football. He was full of energy and drive. HIs father Bill was a wonderful man. I am sure that is where terry gets it from his father Bill. However it was a neat day. But Terry owes me his autograph on my picture and this video.

Brenda Henry

Submitted by Shirley Cobb

We're from Ruston, Louisiana. (For those who don't know, it's the home of La. Tech University where Terry quarterbacked for the Bulldogs) Our youngest son, David, was such a huge fan of yours when he was a kid. He had everything Steelers, the full #12 uniform, t-shirts, cups, thumbtacks, you name it. His greatest treasure was an autographed picture of you that our oldest son, Patrick, got for him. He still has it today, although it is up in our attic with all the other "stuff". We love you and still remember that "State Fair" game with Northwestern where you won the game with that long "Hail Mary" pass. That's been a while back, but only seems like yesterday. We just want you to know, folks around here still talk about it.

Submitted by Linda
I have always liked terry bradshaw. He is a simple person and seems to be a nice guy, I loved watching him play football. even though i'm a cleveland browns fan. Tell him i said hello ,and i would never boo him.


Submitted by Deborah L. Brittell
Thanks for a great page for a great player. My brother and I loved to watch the Steelers play and we especially cheered for Terry since we shared the same last name. However, now I see the bigger picture of a play who was looked down upon but in the end got to say how do you spell W-I-N to his jeering opponents.

Deborah L. Brittell

Submitted by Jay Carson
Dear Tim:

I couldn't agree more with your note every kid needs a hero. The reason I'm writting is you mentioned you grew up in north central Ohio in the middle of Brown Territory. I did also....Vermilion, 20 miles east of Sandusky 40 miles west of Cleveland right on the lake. There was no better football experience then having your team win the Championship when your a kid, even if they never win it again during my life time (God forbid). I am 40 now and live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks for the great web page. -Jay Carson

Submitted by Chris Rainey
In 1980, I was 10 years old. My Elementary School teacher gave us an assignment. Write a business letter and mail it out. The only business I knew of at 10 was the business of football. I wrote a letter to Terry Bradshaw c/o the Pittsburgh Steelers. To my wide eyed amazement, Terry Bradshaw himself replied to my letter. He sent with it 5x9 autographed picture post card. I no longer have the letter, but I DO still have the post card. It is my single-most cherished possession.

One day, I'd like to thank him for showing me that Super-Hero's really do exist.

Chris Rainey
A.K.A Steele

Submitted by Cindy Henry
I grew up in a family of three boys and three girls. Believe it or not I was the only child in this family who really got caught up in Football or baseball. It was about 1978 when I was about 14 years old when I first saw the Steelers play. I fell in love with that tall, blonde , handsome quarterback. From that moment on I have been a die hard Steeler fan.I'm from Virginia but my heart was always in Pittsburgh with them. Finally at the age of 35 I went to my first Steeler game . It was 2 years ago in Pittsburgh against the Redskins, my husbands team. Steelers won by one or two points.It was awesome.The only thing missing was Terry, but at least I got to go where he use to play! I love watching him on FOX NFL, those guys crack me up and Terry is still mighty fine!

Cindy Henry

Submitted by Jerry Browning
I've got a picture of terry and a lineman ,who's name i cant remember. Taken in 1975 at wwva capitol music hall.He and the line man came,to see buck owens in concert. I was with a group called The Ridge Quartet. Terry liked our show .Came on our bus and talked to us awhile,and we made a picture with them. It's a great picture ,he was so young.But then so was i. just wondering.

Submitted by Deborah Baldwin
Thank You for a beautiful tribute to the greatest QB in the world. I am a huge Bradshaw fan and was thrilled with your website.

Deborah Baldwin

PS - Kneel O'Dummell gave me quite a laugh, I unlovingly refer to him as Dumbass O'Donnell.

Submitted by Keith Gillilan
Hi, Guys! I live in the Hall of Fame City of Canton, Ohio & I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my Steeler heros get inducted. My ALL-TIME FAVORITE speech was definitely Bradshaw's speech. I was getting goose bumps listening to that one live. I am disappointed with Swanny not getting in! We will see what we can do!

Go Steelers!!!
Keith Gillilan

Submitted by Janet Rohac
I concur....I used to listen to the radio at the 70s and just could not get over how the sports people and regular fans talked about Terry. How he succeeded after all he went through shows real character. He must have really wanted to succeed to withstand all he went through. From the very beginning, I was a Terry Bradshaw fan....not a fair-weathered one either and stuck up for him constantly. I don't blame him for not wanting to come back to Pittsburgh in a way. But he must remember that there were fans that did not boo him. We loved him and the team and what they stood for. There were people who could not afford to go to the games or couldn't get tickets so we watched on television. What about us the television viewer? We are fans and great ones but you didn't hear our voices because we weren't there.

I wish he would reconsider and come back some day!

Thank you.

Janet Rohac
A Steeler Fan

Submitted by Johna
What can I say? I love Terry Bradshaw with all my heart. I was born in 1970, the year Terry started with the Steelers, and I have always loved him. On Sundays, I would get yelled at by my parents to sit down and be quiet because I would stand in front of the TV and make up cheers for Terry and the rest of the team. My goal in life was to start the Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleading Squad and be the head cheerleader (because those Dallas girls just weren't any good), and then be married to Terry Bradshaw so we could be on the sidelines together. God how I hated JoJo Starbuck! I always thought that she and Roger Staubach belonged together -- I mean, heck, they had the same last name (What did I know? I was only 6 or 7). But Terry Bradshaw was the world to me. I liked watching interviews with him with his cheeks filled with tobacco and his Redman hat on his head. Lucky for me, I lived in Latrobe, home of Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp. It was great. Every morning in the summer, my mom would take me to McDonald's for hash browns and Coke. This was a time before drive-throughs, so you had to go inside for take out orders. While my mom went inside one morning, I stayed in the car. And who do you think pulled up in a little red convertible? Terry Bradshaw and Coach Chuck Noll. I was frozen with excitement. They went in and got in line behind my mother. She turned around and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Bradshaw, but my daughter is your biggest fan. She's outside in the car. Do you think you could come over and say hello to her?" And Terry, ever so polite, smiled brightly (that's what my mom says) and said sure, he'd love to. If she would wait for a minute while he ordered his breakfast, he'd be right out. So, my mom came out to the car and I breathlessly told her who I saw go inside. She said he was coming out to see me in a minute. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Terry Bradshaw came over to our car and talked to me. He signed an autograph for me, too. From that day forward through the rest of the summer, when we would go to McDonald's in my mom's little black Fiat X19, and Terry was there (which seemed to be all the time in my young mind), he would always wave and yell hello to us.

Because I'm from Latrobe, I would see Steelers all the time. Franco Harris used to go to my cousin's house. And I have autographs from a lot of the big name players from the 70's -- Harris, Swann, Lambert, Mean Joe Green -- but Terry's is the one that means the most to me.

I always wonder if he remembers the little McDonald's incident, because it's something I'll never forget.

Thank you, Terry Bradshaw -- for the winning, the playing, and the memories.

Submitted by Butch
Man what a Christmas it was for me. First of all, I am stationed overseas at Aviano AB. Italy and this past week we had a little USO visit. When I heard that Terry Bradshaw was going to be there, I knew we wouldn't miss this one. We got there early and got seats in the front row. The MC for the night was Downtown Julie Brown and she was picking kids from the audience to help her introduce the stars. My youngest son (Jaylon) was picked for the greatest honor of all. He got to introduce the one and only T.B. as the greatest football player ever. When Terry came out he shook my son's hand and said, "Here, kid (handing my son an autographed football)... I ain't suppose to give this to ya', but since you knew exactly who I am, you can keep this." I was beside myself! Here was my son meeting one of my idols (and one of the greatest Steelers ever). I can tell you, we had quite a night! He even was picked by one of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (the only part of the Cryboys I like) to come on stage and dance with her. I am sending a picture of this momentus moment in my life, and if Terry is out there, thanks a million for the much needed moral boost! Everyone on base is still talking about it.


Submitted by RJM
I thought you might want to hear this story: My grandmother owned a bar in Illinois called Rita Mae`s. Terry stopped in the bar and had adrink or two. He asked what a Rita Mae was and talked to my grandmother for quite a while. That`s my link with Terry Bradshaw.

Submitted by Lois Nippo
I am a female who use to hate football until I saw Terry Bradshaw play. I am a die-hard Steelers fan and there will never be any quarterback to play like him ever again. I wear his #12 jersey on every Sunday game day... he is my hero! I would like to know how to get his autograph on that jersey... that would be my prized possession!

#1 fan, Lois Nippo

Submitted by Bill Sampert
Dear Terry,

When I saw you on TV at the Tom Landry Memorial Service, it made me feel so proud. I remember the games that the Cowboys played in Pittsburgh when you scalded Dallas and went on to win the Superbowl. All of us in Dallas thought you were one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play against us and enjoyed your sportsmanship and ability.

You were indeed a very noticed adversary at the Memorial Service and I know that all of Dallas very much appreciated your being there.

Best Regards,
Bill Sampert

Submitted by Paul Reidl
Terry was blessed to be the quarterback of the greatest team in history. He performed in kind -- after a few shakey years trying to learn how to "finesse" the ball to his receivers. He was one of the greats -- not doubt about it.

- A Pittsburgh boy who used to watch Booth Lustig kick paper cups into the net on the sidelines.

Submitted by Joanna Wherry
Mr. Bradshaw,

I just wanted to tell you that the commercial that you do for 10-10-321 is really stupid and it makes you look really stupid. I can't believe that you could allow yourself to be so demeaned.

[Ed. Note: Listen, underpants, do you REALLY think Terry Bradshaw actually has anything to do with our piddly little site? This is a FAN tribute, you moron. Furthermore, that 10-10-321 comercial is great.]

Submitted by Donald Spires
My dad always told me the Steelers were a bunch of old men trying to make it; well, we both rooted for them through 4 SUPERBOWLS. Good or bad times, Pittsburgh will be back. Thank you for the Bradshaw site. Terry's da man! GO STEELERS!

Submitted by Beau Massey
Simply the greatest quarterback of all time. As you can see from my e-mail address (, I'm a pretty big fan. I got the idea for my e-mail address after I also put STLRS12 on the license plates of my black 1996 4WD 4-door Geo Tracker LSi. GO STEELERS!!!

Submitted by Brett Cannon
I would like to thank each of you for the web page because I was doing a project on Terry and I couldn't find any of his stats or other info. My last option was your webpage and luckily I found it. I again would like to thank you for the info.

With Gratitude,
Brett Cannon

Submitted by Larry D.
What can I say? Even from the age of six when I had a Terry Bradshaw Christmas (received a Steelers helmet, pants and a #12 Steelers jersey), Terry Bradshaw has been my idol. From playing football in my back yard when I was young, through high school and into college, I have emulated his style of quarterbacking. It wasn't until my high school years when I finally stopped throwing the football with my index finger on the back tip of the ball. All through my football career, I have worn #12. I even use this web page as my home page. Like many others, playing quarterback in the NFL has always been my dream. I thank you for giving me something like that to strive for.

The only thing left is for me is to meet you and get an autographed jersey to frame next to my #12 college jersey. I wasn't a math major, but I do know 12 + 88 = 6. From one #12 to another, thank you for giving me an idol that was a great athlete as well as a great person. Thank you, and I'll be watching you on FOX.

Larry D.

Submitted by

Submitted by Nola Sayne
When I was a young, pre-teen girl, the only time I got along with my step-father was when we watched the Steelers play football. Our family loved Terry and the "Steel Curtain!"

I was surprised when I read that Terry got a hard time from Pittsburgh fans, because everyone in our house thought he was THE BEST QUARTERBACK who ever lived! My mom and I always thought he was cute.

I read that Terry has never been back to Pittsburgh since he retired. Well, I've never been back since we moved and I'm not missing anything... except the pride of a city in its team, AND Bradshaw, Swann, Franco, Lambert, Blier, Chuck Knoll and the entire team that gave a city champions it will never see the likes of again.

Thank you Terry!
Nola Sayne

Submitted by Kina Louise Hoffman Bradshaw

I am such a big fan and I am so proud to have the same last name as you. My mom has been in love with you and your self-achieving goals in football. She would do anything to get at least a letter from you. I was hoping we could write to each other back and forth. You are my inspiration and my main goal in life but the only problem is I am a girl and can't play football. If you could please respond to me I would so happy and I could show my mom how much her fan cares.

Thank you for your time,
Kina Louise Hoffman Bradshaw

P.S.-- By the way, are you related to Bryn Bradshaw? I hope you (haha). That's my dad. You probably aren't, but that is so cool to have the sam name as you. Your #1 biggest fans!

Submitted by Jim Grant
I'm only 25 years old. However, I grew up in Greensburg and my earliest memories as a child are Steelers memories. Going to Latrobe with my dad, Steeler games, and entire neighborhood Steeler parties as a child. I was a Terry fan as a child... he was the first athlete I idolized and is my favorite Steeler of all time. I grew up trying to emulate him and have so many vivid memories of him. In first grade after he broke his arm on Monday Night Football (81' vs the Raiders), I cried so hard my folks let me stay home from school. I remember the anger I had in '82 when the Steelers blew a late lead versus the Chargers in the playoffs (strike year) and the old warrior rescuing the Steelers one final time by lifting them into the playoffs by beating the Jets in '83. I will always idolize Terry, not only for his play, but for joyous memories of childhood and times spent with family and friends. The greatest and most exciting quarterback to ever live! #12

Submitted by
Hey what an awesome site!! Damn, Bradshaw is my Hero... there was nothing more beautiful than a Bradshaw ~ Swann connection. Black and Gold rules... forever! All I have to say is, I have been a Steelers fan for 22 years now, and there will never be a bandwagon leaving from this house! Luv my Steelers! HERE WE GO STEELERS... HERE WE GO! Thanks for a wonderful site on the BOMB team.

Submitted by Nat La Borde
I grew up in the 70's in upstate New York, spending my summers and holidays in DuBois and Clarion, PA at both of my grandparents houses watching the Steelers play. To me, the the Steelers always seemed like they were also family... like they were just all mine, 'ya know? Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in my family loved the Steelers (still do). My grandmother bought me Steelers shirts for my birthday and made me that really good home made pizza only she could make for me as I watched the games. Man, those were the days... And everyone in my family always liked Terry Bradshaw. WE ALL thought he got a bad wrap. We couldn't understand why people threw so much crap his way. Terry was the ultimate winner and leader. I seriously believe he wasthe greatest EVER... no quarterback even comes close! Thank you, Terry, for all the GREAT memories... the STEELERS made life GREAT for me as a kid!

Nat La Borde

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
During my years of watching professional football, I have seen many great quarterback's come and go. Dan Marino, John Elway and Joe Montana' just to name a few. Yet, if I'm building an NFL team from the ground up and I had a choice of any of the three players mentioned above, I don't take any of them. Why, you ask? Because of a man named Terry Bradshaw. Terry was truly a prototype quarterback that was ahead of his time. He was everything that you look for in a QB; Big, strong, and had what could easily be defined as a CANNON for an arm. Terry's accomplishments speak for themselves. A four time Super Bowl winner, a two time Super Bowl MVP, a league MVP and a team MVP. Also Pro Bowl trips out the (ying yang). Terry Bradshaw left a lifetime legacy that will never be forgotten in the city of Pittsburgh. As far as the boo's of the past and all of the stupid comments that were made, they are in the past and they need to be left there forever. Terry needs to let bygones be bygones. In other words, let it go and let the hard feelings die.

In January of 1996, I had one of the biggest thrills of my life because I got to meet Terry Bradshaw in person. It was at a sports banquet here in West Virginia. Terry was the featured speaker at that time and he gave one of the most inspirational speeches that I've ever heard in my life! After the speech, Terry held an autograph signing and I just happened to have my authentic Steeler game helmet with me to be signed. I waited in a very long line to get Terry's autograph only to get about four feet away from him and then listened in horror as his publisist says thats it (NO MORE AUTOGRAPHS). Terry got up and waved to the fans and walked out of the auditorium. I could not believe what I was seeing! I was standing close enough to reach out and touch him and now he was leaving. This could not happen to me and I would not allow it to happen. Not on this day anyway. With my helmet tucked under my arm, I took off and followed Terry out of the auditorium, and after I got by two different security guards, I finally caught up to the man I idolized all my life. I literaly grabbed him by his left arm and begged hm to sign my helmet. Terry was only a few feet from walking out the back door of the building and this was a restricted area off limits to the public. Yet when I explained my situation to him and told him that I followed his entire career he immediately stopped and took the helmet in hand and signed his name. He could have easily had me thrown out and never given it a second thought, but he didn't. That's the type of man that Terry Bradshaw is and thats the type of memory I will have for the rest of my life.

Tom Bragg

Submitted by
Thank you for the Bradshaw webpage... Terry Bradshaw's Hall of Fame speech is the most awesome speech ever. It brought back all the emotion from hearing it for the first time in '89!!! Thank you again for sharing the Steelers... this website will keep me busy for some time to come...

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