Utterings By & About Terry Bradshaw

"Imagine yourself sitting on top of a great thoroughbred horse. You sit up there and you just feel that power. That's what it was like, playing quarterback on that team. It was a great ride."
-- Terry Bradshaw --

"It's going to be a long time, if ever, before a quarterback will come along to approach Bradshaw's greatness. He was a personality, a key to many things."
-- Larry Brown, former All-Pro Steelers offensive tackle --

"Realistically, the quarterback should just be 1/22 of the team, but that's not quite the way it works. Terry is a much bigger part of us than that. He's the one who makes us go. He's the leader out there, the driving force."
-- Chuck Noll, 1980 --

"Bradshaw couldn't spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the A."
-- Dallas LB "Hollywood" Henderson before Super Bowl XIII --

"No one will ever win four (Super Bowls) in six years again. It won't happen. You can chisel that sucker in stone"
-- Terry Bradshaw --

"I could carry that football team. I knew I was the only one who could carry that football team."
-- Terry Bradshaw, 1990 --

"Fans are fans... I hated and loved them, hated and loved them, hated and loved them."
-- Terry Bradshaw --

"He used to fart in my hands all the time."
-- Terry when asked about Mike Webster on WTAE radio interview --

The following quotes are taken from Terry's 1973 book "No Easy Game." This is the kind of stuff that makes me cringe when fans badmouth Kordell (not to mention throw beer on him). Man, with the crap Terry took early in his career, is there any doubt he would've been gone if the current free agent system had been in place back then? Face it... no Terry Bradshaw, no four Lombardi Trophies, folks. Lets not run Kordell out of town prematurely, shall we?

"I always wanted everyone to like me. I wanted the city of Pittsburgh to be proud of me. But my first few seasons, I could to count the number of people on my bandwagon on one finger. I had people call me a dummy and a hick. I had a lady stop me outside the stadium and tell me I stunk. I heard the people cheer when I got hurt. Rub up against enough briar patches and your hide will get pretty tough. Mine did."
-- Terry Bradshaw --

Here is a small sample of letters Terry received as printed in "No Easy Game" in 1973:

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
You are undoubtedly the worst quarterback I have ever seen...

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
What a waste for the Steelers to spend their best draft choice on you...

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
How can you live with yourself, ruining Mr. Rooney's team the way you have...?

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
I am so sick of watching you and the Steelers lose that it makes me vomit...

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
You stink...

Dear Mr. Bradshaw:
My husband and I watch you on TV, and we think you are degenerate...

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