Lynn Swann Takes a BRUTAL Hit
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Lynn Swann Takes a BRUTAL Hit, Doesn't Miss a Play, Leads All Receivers in Game

Former Raider cheap-shot artist George Atkinson is full of $#!t about many things, most of all when it comes to Lynn Swann's toughness. This clip is from the '78 Flea Flicker game vs. Cleveland in which Swann takes one of the most brutal shots you will ever see. Had this happened in the modern era, it would've resulted in flags, fines and a likely suspension. But Swann simply bounces up, adjusts his facemask and trots back to the huddle. Not only does Swann not miss a single play, he continues to go fearlessly across the middle for the rest of the afternoon, making 5 of his game-leading 6 catches AFTER the hit, all of them in traffic.

Enjoy the clip, and to watch the complete game broadcast, CLICK HERE.

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