2017 Steelers 23 at Bengals 20 MNF
December 4, 2017
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2017 Steelers 23 at Bengals 20 MNF

Tragedy strikes just 3-1/2 minutes into the game. Following a seemingly routine tackle, Pro Bowl LB Ryan Shazier -- who unfortunately leads with the crown of his helmet -- falls to the turf and immediately clutches at his lower back. Unable to move his lower body, Shazier manages to roll to his back and flexes his hands repeatedly in the air, signaling for help.

After a lengthy injury delay, Shazier is strapped to a board and carted off the field. Sadly, it is the last play of his NFL career. Thankfully, he still makes a courageous recovery over the next several months/years.

Shaken by Shazier's injury, the Steelers sleepwalk through the rest of the first half, falling behind 17-0. But the Bengals are the Bengals and predictably, they self-destruct in the second half, committing 13 penalties for 173 yds while netting only 13 yds and 1 first down in the 4th quarter. A pair of Roethlisberger TD passes and 4 Chris Boswell FGs, including a 38-yarder as time expires, win it for the Steelers.

Game also features Juju Smith-Schuster's knock-out blow to cheap-shot artist Vontaze Burfict. After the play, Smith-Schuster draws a taunting penalty and a fine for standing triumphantly over Burfict, who leaves the field on a stretcher.

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