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Note: Games that have a green light    next to them are uploaded and ready to watch. If you don't see a green light, the game isn't uploaded yet (but wil be coming soon).


1981 Steelers 33 vs Chiefs 37
7 Pittsburgh turnovers, 9 fumbles (5 lost), terrible place kicking (2 missed PAT's by Trout) and a host of mental errors overshadow a 300-yard passing day by Bradshaw and 100 yards receiving by Stallworth. Sidney Thornton ostensibly ends his career by coughing up the ball 3 times in a dismal 6-carry, 6-yd performance. The O-line repeatedly allows the KC front seven to penetrate literally untouched into the backfield, including on the backbreaking game-ender. Leading 33-30 with 2 minutes left, a first down inside the KC 30 and the Chiefs out of time outs, the Steelers (in spite of their avalanche of mistakes) seemingly have the game won. But as Bradshaw takes the snap and turns to hand the ball off to Franco Harris, LB Frank Manumaleuga crashes untouched through the middle of the line and hits Bradshaw before he can even hand the ball off. OLB Tom Howard (who is also untouched) scoops up the fumble and streaks 65 yards for a shocking game-winning score. Bradshaw's last gasp pass is picked off as the Steelers get off to a nightmare start to the 1981 season. Steelers fans, be warned: you'll spend much of this game wanting to punch announcer Bob Trumpy in the face. A special thanks to Matthew Simon for generously providing this classic video.

1981 Steelers 10 at Dolphins 30
Rough game. Even rougher video quality, plus severely edited huddles. Bradshaw takes a physical beating all evening with very little time from the O-line. The Steelers keep pace early, trailing 13-10 at halftime. But ill-timed penlties, porous run defense and poor special teams doom the Steelers, who give up a back-breaking 87-yard punt return to ice the game. Forced into desperation passes, Bradshaw throws a final pick and that's all she wrote. Ugly, ugly game. A special thanks to "SteelBuck 6" for generously providing this video.

1981 Steelers 38 vs Jets 10
Bradshaw is sharp and Stallworth is outstanding (8 rec, 134 yds), but ultimately it's the multitude of Steeler running backs (Franco Harris, Russell Davis, Frank Pollard and Sidney Thornton) who simply pound the Jets into submission by scoring 5 TDs on the ground and piling up 343 rushing yards. Even Bradshaw rushes for 41 yards and a TD! Early on, Bradshaw uses the pass to set up the run and Pittsburgh achieves near-perfect balance on offense, while Jack Lambert and the aging Steel Curtain defense give Joe Walton's offense NOTHING! This is a good 'ole fashioned butt-kicking.

1981 Steelers 27 vs Patriots 21 OT
Bradshaw to Swannie wins a wild one in overtime! Pittsburgh manhandles the Pats from start to finish... Bradshaw plays well, Franco & Pollard simply POUND New England, and aside from a few freak plays, the defense is outstanding (especially L.C. Greenwood, who is EVERYWHERE). But 2 missed Trout FGs, coming up short on 4th & goal from the 1 inch line, and a pair of HUGE defensive breakdowns on two "gadget plays" allow a thoroughly outplayed New England team to send game into OT. Swann puts a quick end to that, snaring 2 deadly passes in OT, including the 24-yard game winner.

1981 Steelers 13 vs Browns 7
Another classic! Several things stand out in my mind about this game: Swann's unthinkable drop of a sure TD bomb from Bradshaw; Swann's impossible grab of a 40-yard bomb down the right sideline; Blount's eye-popping hit on Calvin Hill. But above all, it's Lambert's BRUTAL, game-ending hit on Brian Sipe that I remember. The second in the trilogy of Lambert/Sipe run-ins, this one is easily the most vicious. Just as Sipe unleashes the ball, Lambert UNLOADS on him full blast, nearly ripping Sipe's head off with a dual forearm-to-the-head shot. Of course, flags fly. I'm telling you, I'm surprised it didn't kill Sipe (and frankly, he probably wished it had). As an added bonus, the cameras frequently pan to a dazed Sipe slumping on the bench with a towel over his head, clearly not knowing what planet he's on. Glorious! As usual, this one goes right down to the wire.

1981 Steelers 26 vs Oilers 13 MNF
Pittsburgh is all over Houston like a cheap suit on a rainy Monday Night. In spite of outgaining the Oilers 228-88 in the 1st half, a host of Steeler miscues (MORE missed PATs by David Trout and numerous drops by Jim Smith, including a PERFECT 50-yd bomb that hits him in stride in the end zone for a sure TD) keep Oilers in game, allowing them to tie it up 13-13 in the 4th. But Franco takes command late in the game, breaking a 35-yd run to set up the go-ahead TD, then punches it in for another TD moments later following a Johnson Int to seal it.

1981 Steelers 14 vs 49ers 17
Bradshaw vs Montana! Franco is superb, gaining over 100 yards in a losing effort that the Steelers could've (and probably should've) won. Lambert and Blount are fantastic, picking off passes on consecutive drives (Blount's for a 50-yard TD) to turn a 10-0 3rd quarter deficit into a 14-10 lead. But while the Steelers move the ball up and down the field offensively, their 6 turnovers ultimately prove to be too much to overcome.

1981 Steelers 21 at Seahawks 24
Franco breaks 10,000 career rushing yards as the Steelers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Early in the 2nd, Bradshaw hits a WIDE open Mark Malone for a team record 90-yd TD bomb and a 14-3 lead. The Steelers are up 21-3 and seem to be in control when they inexplicably allow Doornink to turn a short pass into a 44-yd TD and the Seahawks are suddenly back in it at 21-10. Trout misses a long 3rd qtr FG attempt that looks more like a squib kick. Early in 4th, Doornink again victimizes Pittsburgh with a short pass that turns into a 34-yd gain to set up a short TD. The crowd is suddenly into it, Seattle has momentum and Zorn hits Largent with a 53-yd bomb to set up another short TD and a 24-21 Seattle lead. Bradshaw responds with a pass to Franco that appears to go for an 82-yd TD, but a questionable holding call overturns the score. The Steelers get one last shot, driving to the Seattle 5 with 20 seconds left when in trots David Trout. Poised to send the game to overtime, Trout misses BADLY with what is probably the worst short kick I've ever seen. Perfect snap, pefect hold with the ball placed on the right hash. Trout hooks it so badly that the ball sails FAR wide left. Another game down the tubes due largely to Trout's horrible kicking. Game features Rocky Bleier in the booth for color commentary.

1981 Steelers 34 at Falcons 20
Terry Bradshaw (14 of 22, 253 yards) throws a career high 5 touchdowns, overshadowing a huge day by his counterpart, Steve Bartowski (33 of 50, 416 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT). While Atlanta moves the ball well through the air, they are a turnover factory. In addition to Bartowski's pair of INTs (Lambert and Shell), the Falcons lose 4 fumbles, 2 of which end Atlanta scoring threats with 2 others setting up Steeler scores. A special thanks to "SteelBuck 6" for providing this sweet video upgrade!

1981 Steelers 24 vs Rams 0
Jack Lambert is seemingly everywhere as the Steelers pound Rams at Three Rivers! "Count Dracula in Cleats" gets up close and personal with Wendell Tyler early in the game and plays like a man possessed for the rest of the afternoon…Wendell never should've messed with Lambert! Also outstanding are Franco Harris, Mel Blount, and Jack Ham. Pat Haden gets knocked out of the game early and the Steel Curtain proceeds to beat backup Dan Pastorini like an ugly stepchild. Simply brutal!

1981 Steelers 27 at Raiders 30 MNF
With the Steelers leading 7-0 and a chance to extend their lead after a Blount INT early in the 2nd quarter, Bradshaw fractures his right hand (and effectively ends Pittsburgh's playoff hopes) on a Ted Hendricks sack. Backup QB Mark Malone comes in and plays surprisingly well for 2 quarters, but his miscues in the the 4th quarter (2 bad INTs, one in the end zone) along with a collapse by Steelers special teams (another missed PAT by Trout and a Raider punt return for a TD) doom the Steelers.


1982 Steelers 37 vs Colts 15 Preseason
The Steelers look to be in mid-season form as they simply overwhelm the Colts, especially Bradshaw who throws for 260 yards while playing only the first half, including 2 TDs to Stallworth and what should've been a third to Jim Smith if not for a drop. The Steelers appear able to do whatever they want offensively, with RB Greg Hawthorne in particular having a remarkable receiving day. Game features 3 missed PATs by 2 of the NFL's worst kickers (Dave Trout and Mike Wood).

1982 Steelers 36 at Cowboys 28 MNF
The Landry-era Cowboys never lose a home opener, right? Wrong! Things get off to a rocky start when the Steelers fumble away the opening kickoff after a good return. But Terry Bradshaw (17 of 28, 246 yds, 3 TD, 0 Int), Franco Harris (24 carries, 103 yds) and John Stallworth (7 rec, 137 yds, 1 TD) all shine as the venerable Steelers outsmart, outplay and outlast the powerful Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Pittsburgh completely neutralizes Tony Dorsett (11 carries, 30 yards) and victimizes Danny White for a pair of interceptions in the 3rd quarter (Ham, Woods), building up and insurmountable 33-14 lead and rendering a late Dallas comeback effort irrelevant. Thanks to Russell "SteelBuck 6" Emch for generously providing this sweet video upgrade!

1982 Steelers 26 vs Bengals 20 OT
Franco Harris rushes for only 6 yds on 3 carries but catches a career-high 11 passes for 88 yds in a thriller. QBs Bradshaw & Anderson both do great Montana impressions, dinking & dunking their way up & down the field all afternoon. But while Bradshaw throws 3 TD strikes and no INTs, Anderson is picked off 3 times (2 by Donnie Shell) including one in the end zone after Cinci had driven to the Steeler 3 yard line. Ham's consistent harassment of Anderson, a blocked chip-shot FG on the final play of regulation and Dwayne Woodruff's INT & subsequent return to the Bengal 4 in overtime are game-savers for the Steelers. After this game... the NFL players went on strike. :( Features some pregame & haltime stuff.

1982 Steelers 24 at Oilers 10
Both teams show signs of rust coming back from the 57-day NFL Players strike in a sloppy game with a preseason feel. Gifford Nielsen flounders around for most of the game and throws 3 INTs (2 by Donnie Shell), but somehow plays the sluggish Steelers to a 10-10 3rd quarter tie. Hoping for a spark, the newly acquired Archie Manning comes off the bench in the 3rd quarter and is promptly stripped of the ball by Jack Ham and Lambert recover at the Houston 17. Bradshaw immediately capitalizes, hitting Cunningham in the middle of the end zone on the next play for a 17-10 lead. Following an Oiler punt, Bradshaw sticks the dagger in Houston with his 3rd TD pass of the game, a perfect 32-yard strike to Jim Smith to secure a 24-10 victory. Tape ends with 1:38 remaining.

1982 Steelers 35 vs Chiefs 14
Bradshaw, Stallworth and Lambert shine in an absolute butt-kicking. It's rumored that Bradshaw's elbow problems started in training camp in '82, but there's no evidence of any issues in this game. Bradshaw is nearly flawless (15 of 20, 231 yds, 3 TD) and goes deep repeatedly, including a spectacular 74-yd TD strike to Stallworth (4 rec., 107 yds, 2 TD)in which Terry rifles the ball 50 yards downfield with a mere flick of his wrist, hitting Stallworth perfectly in stride. Meanwhile, Chiefs QB Steve Fuller is pummeled mercilessly as the Steelers sack him 8 times (3 by Jack Lambert) with jailbreak after jailbreak. Includes halftime show with highlights from around the league.

1982 Steelers 37 vs Patriots 14
This is an absolute butt-kicking. Bradshaw shakes off a 2-game slump (17 of 27, 282 yds, 2 TDs, 0 INT) as Steelers absolutely dominate Pats, effortlessly moving the ball up and down the field. If not for a pair of ill-timed fumbles, the final score could've been much worse. Swannie (3 rec, 40 yds) breaks the Steelers' all-time reception record early in the game as Bradshaw spreads the ball around to 8 different receivers, while Franco does his part by rushing for over 100 yards.

1982 Steelers 37 vs Browns 21
Franco looks amazingly quick & agile, putting on an incredible show as he earns his 42nd career 100-yard game (120 yards on 23 carries), passing O.J. Simpson for 3rd all-time. In spite of some mistakes, Bradshaw, Swann, & the Steel Curtain also shine as Pittsburgh pummels Cleveland & leads 27-7 after 3 quarters. "The Jinx" is clearly working its voodoo in this one as back-up QB Paul McDonald throws an absolutely picture-perfect 40-yard TD bomb to a WIDE open receiver... who promptly drops it. In spite getting their butts kicked, Cleveland makes it interesting late in the game. Under the constant pressure of a fierce Steeler pass rush, McDonald & the Cleveland offense somehow sputter their way to two 4th quarter TDs, closing to 27-21 with 5 long minutes remaining. But facing 3rd and 11 from their own 19, Bradshaw hits Swannie (5 rec., 104 yds) for 57 yards up the middle (plus a 15-yard personal foul on the play) and Gary Anderson nails the icing FG. Following McDonald's 4th INT of the day, the Steelers easily grind out yet another TD. Game has a minute or two of sound & tracking problems early in 1st quarter, but is otherwise fine.

1982 AFC Playoffs Steelers 28 vs Chargers 31
Bradshaw vs. Fouts in a shootout that more than lives up to the hype. San Diego fumbles the opening kickoff and Pittsburgh recovers for a TD and is up by 7 before either offense takes the field. Bradshaw is unbelievable for most of the afternoon, hitting 24 of his first 26 passes including 14 in a row at one point. Stallworth catches 8 for 116 yds and a TD and while Franco gains on 35 yards rushing, he leads all receivers with a career high 11 catches. Meanwhile, Fouts is Fouts, matching Bradshaw's 325-yard passing effort with 333 yards of his own. San Diego's offense piles up yardage with Chuck Muncie rushing for 126 yards and both Wes Chandler and Kellen Winslow going over 100 yards receiving. Even so, the Steelers seem to be on the road to victory with a 28-17 4th quarter lead until a late Bradshaw INT opens the door for a San Diego comeback. Equally damaging is a drop by Cunningham late in the game that ends a promising drive and a host of "almost INT's" that Steelers defenders fail to hang onto. The key play of the game is a HUGE 4th quarter INT by Blount in the end zone that is nullified by a penalty away from the play on Jack Ham in the final game of his Hall of Fame career.


1983 Steelers 40 at Oilers 28
Currently the only game in my collection with action from rookie Gabe "Señor Sack" Rivera (#69), who draws constant double teams and records a sack. Franco Harris gains over 100 yards and moves into 2nd place on the all-time rushing yardage list. Contrary to the implication of the high final score, the Steeler defense is marvelous while the Steeler offense moves in fits and starts. Archie Manning spends most of the game looking out his ear hole and has an abysmal game for the Oilers, throwing 3 Ints in the 1st half alone. Stoudt doesn't fair much better, however, and Houston's turnovers yield only 4 Anderson FGs. The 2nd half is all Steelers, however, as Pittsburgh rolls to a 33-7 lead before Houston narrows the gap late in the game.

1983 Steelers 23 vs Patriots 28
Franco, Franco, Franco... and some more Franco. :) Unfortunately, even with all that Franco, there's still enough Cliff Stoudt to cost the Steelers a game they should've won. Franco (who surpasses O.J. Simpson as the #2 rusher of all time) puts on a rushing clinic with 102 yds on 25 carries and also leads the team in receptions (6 for 83 yds). The Steelers outgain New England 228-57 in the first half and own a 22:21-7:39 advantage in time of possession, yet trail the Patriots 14-13. In the end, 3 interceptions by Stoudt (who is also sacked 5 times) and too many missed tackles by the Steeler secondary (which allows multiple short passes to turn into long gains, including a game-winning 76-yard TD pass late in the contest) are too much to overcome. A big-time thank you to Matthew Simon for generously providing us with this game!

1983 Steelers 34 at Jets 7
Terry Bradshaw comes off the bench puts on an exceptional performance in the final game of his career (also the Jets' final game at Shea Stadium). While playing only the first quarter and one series into the second quarter, Bradshaw is sharp and effective, hitting 5 of 8 passes for 77 yards and 2 TD's -- the first to rookie Gregg Garrity, to whom Terry had never thrown a pass before (not even in practice) and the second to Calvin Sweeney -- shaking the Steelers out of their late-season slump and ensuring them of a playoff spot with the win. Terry destroys his ailing arm on the first TD toss but gallantly continues to play in pain until he throws his 2nd TD. The entire team is energized by the presence of Bradshaw and simply steamrolls the Jets, ending their slim playoff hopes. This is also the final 100-yard game of Franco Harris' career. Includes postgame interviews with Bradshaw and Cliff Stoudt.


1984 Steelers 20 at 49ers 17
The Steelers hand the heavily favored 49ers their only loss of the '84 season in a beautifully coached game by Chuck Noll. The Steelers come out hot, executing a perfect 12-play, 78-yd opening drive behind Mark Malone. After a penalty wipes a Niner FG off the board, the Steelers again muscle their way into Niners territory and Anderson hits a 48-yd FG for a 10-0 lead. Montana runs it in for a score just before the half and the 49ers seem to begin to put things together late with Wersching tying it at 10 early in the 4th. The tide seems to finally turn when Malone is hit as he throws and the ball goes right to Keena Turner who returns it to the Steeler 19. Wendell Tyler punches it in for the go-ahead TD a few plays later and the Niners seem to have finally put the pesky Steelers in their place. But Noll continues to stick to a power running game, eating the clock and keeping San Fran off the field. All told, the Steelers rush the ball a whopping 47 times and dominate time of possession 34:45 - 25:15. Malone ties the game following a marathon 15-play drive, capped by a short TD toss to Stallworth (who makes a marvelous catch). On the ensing drive, Brian Hinkle makes an incredible leaping INT near midfield and returns it 45 yards to the Niner 3, and Anderson kicks a short FG to take a 20-17 lead with 1:42 remaining. With no time outs, Montana conducts a beautiful last-minute drive to the Steeler 19-yd line only to see Ray Wersching's 37-yd FG attempt sail wide left as time expires. A special thanks to Matthew Simon and J.J. Cooper for generously providing us with this game!

1984 Steelers 52 vs Chargers 24
Stallworth (7 rec, 116 yds, 3 TD) and Lipps (7 rec, 118 yds, 1 TD) are unstoppable and Mark Malone has perhaps his finest performance as a pro (18 of 22, 253 yds, 4 TDs, 1 rushing TD). The surprising Steelers absolutely steamroll the Chargers, whose hapless defense puts on perhaps the most pitiful performance I've ever seen. While the Steelers offense seems unstoppable behind the bruising running of Walter Abercrombie (19 att, 109 yds) and Frank Pollard (19 att, 79 yds, 2 TD), Mike Merriweather contributes a hat trick on defense by recovering a fumble, intercepting a pass and knocking Dan Fouts out of the game with a vicious sack. This game is even more lopsided than the final score indicates.

1984 Steelers 13 at Raiders 7
Needing a win to clinch a playoff spot, the Steelers turn to their power running game and simply jam the ball down the Raiders' throats. The O-line is magnificent and completely dominates the line of scrimmage, neutralizing Howie Long and Lyle Alzado all afternoon. Pollard gains 79 yards on 19 attempts, but it's Walter Abercrombie who does the most damage with 111 yards on 28 carries and a back-breaking 59-yard catch-and-run to the 1-yard line on the last play of the 3rd quarter. Pollard's dive into the end zone to start the 4th quarter gives the Steelers a 10-0 lead and breaks the game open. The Steelers lead 13-0 with 3 minutes remaining when Jim Plunkett (who replaces an ineffective Marc Wilson) throws a short TD pass on 4th & goal that clearly is caught out of bounds, but the officials blow the call. Following a Steeler punt, the Raiders get the ball back at midfield with 2:30 left and a chance to win, but Donnie Shell snags his 2nd INT of the afternoon (43rd of his career) to seal the win and a playoff berth for the Steelers. A special thanks to "Keith "Crash" Froehlich" for graciously providing us with this game!

1984 AFC Playoffs Steelers 24 at Broncos 17
Everyone in Denver was making plans for the upcoming AFC Championship duel between John Elway and Dan Marino. SURPRISE!!! Even Craig Colquitt's first-ever blocked punt and a trio of highly uncharacteristic Gary Anderson FG misses can't stop Pittsburgh from toppling the heavily favored Broncos in front of a stunned crowd at Mile High Stadium. With just under 3 minutes remaining, safety Eric Williams picks off an ill-advised Elway pass and returns it to the Bronco 2-yard line. Three plays later, great second effort by Frank Pollard (17 carries, 107 yds, 2 TD) punches it over the goal line and secures a shocking Pittsburgh win! Features some nice pregame and postgame. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for the sweet upgrade!


1985 Steelers 42 at Buccaneers 27 Preseason
Game summary coming soon. A special thanks to Sean Lockyer for providing us with this game!

1985 Steelers 10 vs Browns 9
Final game of the famous "Three Rivers Jinx." David Woodley plays at QB in a downpour. Gary Anderson kicks game winner as time expires. The dazed look of sheer agony on Art Modell's face at the end of this game gives me such pleasure! Seriously edited huddles (ugh).


1986 Steelers 45 at Jets 24
One from the "Dark Years." The 5-9 Steelers are playing for pride while the Jets (who started the season 10-1) are fighting for their playoff lives and trying to avoid their 4th consecutive loss. After tying the game at 17 early in the 3rd quarter, Ken O'Brien implodes (3 INTs, 1 fumble, 5 sacks) and the Jets collapse as the Steelers pull off a major upset, jamming 28 points into the 4th quarter to turn a 17-17 tie into a laugher. Mark Malone is solid, Walter Abercrombie scores 3 TDs and Lupe Sanchez intercepts 2 passes, returning the second one for a back-breaking 67-yard TD.


1987 Steelers 30 vs 49ers 17
Malone starts off a pitiful 1 of 11 passing, but rookie CB Delton Hall scoops up a Roger Craig fumble and streaks 50 yards for a TD to set the tone. Montana struggles all day, throwing 3 INTs against a defense ostensibly made up of no-name players (rookie Rod Woodson doesn't play due to his holdout over a contract dispute). Montana throws for over 300 yards but the 49er ground game is non-existant with only 47 yards on the day. Meanwhile, the Steelers grind out 183 yards on the ground (Earnest Jackson 103 yds), keeping the ball away from Montana and Rice and physically wearing down the Niners. An admirable and surprising performance by a decidedly sub-par Pittsburgh team.

1987 Steelers 16 vs Saints 20
The 7-3 Saints visit the 6-4 Steelers with both teams fighting for a playoff spot and the Saints hoping to secure their first-ever winning season. The Steelers lead 14-10 with 9 minutes left when Rod Woodson loses the rain-soaked ball on a punt and the Saints recover at the Pittsburgh 21. Two plays later, Bobby Hebert hits Eric Martin for the go-ahead TD. Less than a minute later, Mark Malone throws a costly INT that's returned to the Pittsburgh 12, and Morten Andersen kicks a 32-yard FG to give New Orleans a 20-14 lead. The Saints appear to have the victory clinched when Sam Mills stops Pollard on the 1-foot line on 4th and goal and instead of risking a punt from their own end zone, the Saints take a safety with 1:05 left. But in 55 seconds, the Steelers move to the Saints' 3-yard-line and are poised to win. Unfortunately, Pat Swilling sacks Malone with 10 seconds left and Malone's desperation pass is intercepted as time expires. A special thanks to Matthew Simon for generously providing this game.


1989 Steelers 31 at Bucs 22
This season finale is a particularly fascinating game in Steelers history for a number of reasons. After losing their first two games of the season by a combined score of 92-10 to division rivals Cleveland and Cincinnati, the fact that Pittsburgh is even mathematically alive for a playoff spot is a minor miracle. In addition to the Steelers needing a win in Tampa, they also need the Raiders to lose to the Giants, the Colts to lose to the Saints and the Bengals to lose to the Vikings to earn a playoff berth. Amazingly, all those things actually happen! While Bubby Brister completes only 7 passes and throws 2 Ints, player of the game Rod Woodson makes up for it with an All-World performance, returning the opening kickoff 72 yards to set up Pittsburgh's first score, tackling RB's in the backfield, breaking up TD's and intercepting passes. Merrill Hoge (18 att, 90 yds) puts up his best numbers of the regular season and Louis Lipps is spectacular (4 rec., 137 yds, 2 TD) as the Steelers clinch a playoff spot in perhaps the finest season of coaching in Chuck Noll's Hall of Fame career.

1989 AFC Wildcard Steelers 26 at Oilers 23 OT
So here they are... perhaps the unlikeliest playoff team in NFL history. Pounded in week 1 by Cleveland, 51-0. Pounded in week 2 by Cinci, 42-10. Pounded by Houston twice during the regular season, including a 27-0 drubbing in this very same "House of Pain." Yet here they are... two teams and two head coaches, each the antithesis of the other, who utterly despise one another. By the time the game finally ends on Gary Anderson's monster 50-yard field goal in overtime (set up by an explosive forced fumble and recovery by Rod Woodson), Chuck Noll is moving on in the playoffs with an unlikely trip to Denver in the midst of perhaps the finest coaching job of his Hall of Fame career. Meanwhile, Jerry Glanville heads back to Houston in disgrace, where a pink slip awaits.

1989 AFC Playoffs Steelers 23 at Broncos 24
The Cinderella Steelers, fresh off their overtime upset of Houston in the Wildcard game, don't figure to offer much resistance to the Broncos, who had humiliated Pittsburgh by 27 points earlier in the season. But that's why they play the games. :) Merrill Hoge plays the game of his life, piling up 100 yards in the first half alone (the only player to rush for over 100 yards all season vs. Denver) as the Steelers' worst-ranked offense racks up over 400 yards and dominates time of possession by nearly ten minutes. The surprising Steelers still hold a 23-17 lead with under 3 minutes to play. But John Elway is John Elway, and he proves it with a signature 80-yard TD drive to give Denver a 24-23 lead with 2:20 remaining. Bubby gets one more shot, but moments after Mark Stock drops a perfect pass from Brister that would've been a 19-yard gain and a Steeler first down near the 40, Bubby fumbles the snap amidst confusion in the Pittsburgh backfield, Denver recovers and Cinderella's carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

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The Wonder Years? Or the Dark Ages?
Ah, the '80s... the "Dark Years" of Steelers football. ***SHUDDER*** I turned 12 in 1980 and the end of the '70s dynasty was one of my first wake-up calls to the fact that life is often filled with disappoinments and unwanted changes. At the time, I had no real concept of how ephemeral NFL careers are, so the seemingly sudden retirements of the heros of my youth like Bradshaw, Swann, Lambert, etc. were somewhat shocking to my young mind and left me a bit disillusioned with football. High school was right around the corner and with it came a major shift in interests. My passion for football was soon replaced by a preoccupation with girls, guitars... and girls. :) While I still cheered for the Steelers and watched them when I could, the deeper connection I'd felt toward the players of the '70s was lost and I busied myself with other pursuits. As a result, you won't find as many games from the '80s on the site as from earlier years.

Perspective: The Factory of Sadness
of the 1980's, the Steelers still made the playoffs 4 times and only suffered 3 seasons with a losing record. Contrast those results with the last 14 years of futility from the Factory of Sadness in Cleveland:

1 winning season, ZERO playoff appearances.

Can you "Name That QB?"

The departure of Terry Bradshaw in 1983 left a mammoth vacuum at the QB position in Pittburgh for the next 21 years.

Think you know the Steelers? Test your knowledge and see if you can name the 13 different starting QB's for the Steelers from 1980 until Big Ben arrived in 2004 (pictured below). For the answers click here.