Donnie Shell's Famous Hit on Earl Campbell      


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Donnie Shell's Famous Hit on Earl Campbell

Hall of Famer Donnie Shell's famous hit on Earl Campbell, badly bruising Campbell's ribs and sidelining him for the game as the Steelers go on to win 13-3, clinching the AFC Central crown.

While I am a Steelers fan, Earl Campbell is my favorite running back of all time. I view him as the greatest RB of my lifetime. But if you don't recognize the greatness of this hit (on multiple levels), you don't understand the game.

Oklahoma drills only happen during PRACTICE. Straight-up collisions with shoulders squared and both players running straight at each other almost NEVER happen in a game.

There was no intent to injure here; it was a bang-bang play at game speed and a textbook tackle by Shell on a fellow Hall of Famer. Not only is it perfectly executed, it forces a turnover and completely changes the momentum of the game. And the Steelers go on to win -- not just the game, but the Super Bowl.

It's an epic moment.

There's no disrespect meant to Campbell in any of this. Quite the opposite. Campbell's undisputed greatness is the reason this hit is still being talked about more than 30 years later. It's a great moment between two Hall of Fame players.

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