Super Bowl X Steelers vs Cowboys (Jan 18, 1976) - Fleming & Cope!      


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Super Bowl X Steelers 21 vs Cowboys 17
PERFECT quality version of original CBS TV broadcast with Jack Fleming and Myron Cope dubbed in

Lynn Swann soars in the greatest big-game performance by any receiver ever in one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played!

Dallas turns a botched Steelers punt into a quick 7 points and in spite of Pittsburgh's statistical dominance, the Cowboys actually lead 10-7 after 3 quarters. But the 4th quarter is all Pittsburgh as the Steel Curtain and a rabid Jack Lambert shine in one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time.

Swann is clearly the star, hauling in 4 miraculous catches for 161 yards and the game-winning TD. But Lambert is a close 2nd for MVP in this one. I'm telling you, he just EXPLODES on people in a complete frenzy, screaming & yelling, flailing his arms, getting in people's faces. His body-slam of Cliff Harris gets a lot of press, but what Lambert did while the clock was running is much more impressive. There are a couple of solo tackles Lambert makes that sound like gunshots. This was in Jan. of '75, folks... there were no fancy-schmancy, high-tech mics to enhance the sound of the hits back then. He's just HAMMERING people.

The tide turns in Pittsburgh's favor for good when Reggie Harrison blocks a punt for a safety early in the final period. A Gerela FG a shortly thereafter gives Pittsburgh a 12-10 lead and a brilliant Mike Wagner INT deep in Dallas territory sets up another Gerela FG a few plays later.

The nail in the coffin is Lynn Swann's final catch of the afternoon, a picture-perfect 64-yard deep post from Bradshaw (voted "the Greatest Pass of All Time" by NFL Films) to give Pittsburgh an insurmountable 21-10 lead. Give Dallas credit... they fight until the bitter end, but Glen Edwards picks off Staubach's final desperation pass in the end zone as time expires.

One of my absolute favorite games!

Note: There are three different versions of this game. This version is an absolutely PERFECT video quality original CBS broadcast, but we've painstakingly dubbed in the radio call from Jack Fleming and Myron Cope (including 30 minutes of postgame audio interviews by Cope)..

The original version (click here) is the same absolutely PERFECT video quality recording of the original CBS broadcast with some pregame material (player introductions).

The third version (click here), which features nice (but not perfect) video quality, is the complete CBS broadcast with Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier and includes commercials, some pregame material with player introductions and the National Anthem, the complete halftime show as well as lots of postgame material including the Lombardi Trophy presentation, game highlights and numerous locker room interviews with players and coaches from both sides.

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