Super Bowl XIII Local Pittsburgh Postgame Coverage      


1978 Season

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Super Bowl XIII Local Pittsburgh Postgame Coverage

33 minutes of local Super Bowl postgame coverage featuring clips from multiple channels.

First, Channel 4 Action News highlights with John Steigerwald and Mike Schneider, plus coverage of fan celebrations in and around Pittsburgh.

Next, TV2 Eyewitness News coverage features Bill Proctor, John Sanders and Marlynn Singleton (celebrations in Oakland and Lawrenceville), short locker room interviews with Swann, Stallworth, Blount, Dwight White (with champagne in his eyes lol), Jack Lambert (commenting on Thomas Henderson), Joe Greene and Franco.

Then back to Channel 4 for a hilarious Myron Cope locker room interview of John Banaszak (who is taking drags off a cigarette while discussing Mike Webster wearing a Terrible Towel), then Cope wearing a "Super Sombrero" and calling the Cowboys the "Dallas Crybabies."

Lastly, Dee Thompson with 11 Alive interviewing Franco and Tony Dorsett.

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