1999 Steelers 30 vs Panthers 20
December 26, 1999
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1999 Steelers 30 vs Panthers 20

Snow game! Carolina is poised to take the lead at the Steeler 1-yd line following a Tomczak INT late in the first quarter. On 2nd and goal, Levon Kirkland smashes through the middle of the line and makes a bone-crunching hit on RB Fred Lane. The ball pops into the air and over the goal line where DB Travis Davis catches it out of mid-air and dashes toward the other end zone, picking up a convoy of Steeler blockers. 102 yards later, Davis has completed the 2nd longest fumble return for a TD in NFL history to give the Steelers a 10-0 lead.

Snow begins falling in the 2nd half and the Steelers let the air out of the ball as Jerome Bettis grinds for 137 yds and a TD on 33 carries, and Richard Huntley adds 72 yds and a TD. Leading 23-20 late late in the game, the Steelers decide to ride The Bus. Mike Tomczak hands the ball off 10 straight times, 9 of them to Jerome Bettis, who takes his final carry into the end zone for an 8-yd game-icing (pun intended) touchdown.

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