1995 Steelers 29 at Raiders 10
December 10, 1995
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1995 Steelers 29 at Raiders 10

In spite of a rocky start, this is the game when I knew for sure the Steelers had what it took to get to the Super Bowl. After an early TD pass to Ernie Mills, O'Donnell struggles early, throwing a horrible pass at the goal line that is tipped and intercepted for an easy 1-yd Raider score. A few plays later, O'Donnell throws a "Garo Yepremian-esque" interception at midfield for another apparent TD. Fortunately for the Steelers, a blind ref rules O'Donnell in the grasp, the TD is overturned and the Steelers retain possession. Neil eventually composes himself and from that point on, the Steelers OWN the Raiders. A great Greg Lloyd INT at midfield with 0:30 left in the half sets up a TD pass to Mills (keyed by a long reception by Kordell) giving the Steelers a commanding 20-7 lead at halftime. Erric Pegram plays a great game with 122 yds on 26 carries.

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