1994 Steelers 14 vs Eagles 3
December 11, 1994
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1994 Steelers 14 vs Eagles 3

An absolutely SUPERB defensive performance by the Steelers! A long return by Herschel Walker on the opening kickoff sets up an Eagle FG but the Steeler Curtain (90's Edition) gives Philly NOTHING, playing perhaps their most dominating game of '94 (which is saying a lot).

While the Steeler offense flounders for 3-1/2 quarters, plagued by off-target passes and an uncharacteristic case of drop-itis by Yancey Thigpen, the Blitzburgh defense allows only 105 total yards and absolutely crucifies Randall Cunningham, who finishes the game a pathetic 9 of 27 for 59 yards, 3 sacks and a back-breaking 4th quarter INT (Darren Perry) as the snowflakes fly. I love defensive slugfests, so this is among my favorite 90's-era games.

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