1979 Steelers at Chargers (Nov 8, 1979)      


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1979 Steelers 7 at Chargers 35

I find it interesting that Chargers fans, nearly 40 years later, still find ways to talk trash about this regular season debacle as if it would have ensured them a trip to the Super Bowl "if only."

Yeah, if only they hadn't gotten their @$$es kicked in the first round of the playoffs by an injury-ravaged Houston team missing Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini and a host of others. "If only." LOL.

What happened in this game is the Steelers had a bad day. Especially Bradshaw, who had the worst, most off-target game I've ever seen him have. It was an out-of-body "Who are you and what have you done with Terry Bradshaw" experience. Turnover city: 5 interceptions (1 for a long TD) and 3 fumbles lost including a fumbled kickoff and a muffed punt. San Diego started 2 drives inside the Steeler 10-yard line and a 3rd inside the 20.

In spite of all this, the Steel Curtain looked pretty darn good. They harassed Fouts, forced 2 INT and sacked him 3 times. Let's not forget, the Steelers had a similar awful performance against Cinci in 1979. We lost 34-10 to a winless team courtesy of 9 turnovers. Cinci was obliterated in the rematch. :) And if the Chargers couldn't get past the Oilers with NO Earl Campbell and NO Dan Pastorini, they weren't going to get past a post-season juggernaut like Pittsburgh.

Regardless of what happened during the regular season, two things were proven repeatedly by the Steelers and Chargers of this era: 1) The Steelers knew how to CRANK IT UP during the post season, and 2) the Chargers didn't.

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