1978 Steelers vs Colts - w/Fleming & Cope (Dec 9, 1978)      


1978 Season

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1978 Steelers 35 vs Colts 13
Partial NBC broadcast (outstanding video quality) with the radio call from Jack Fleming and Myron Cope dubbed in

As a fan of bad weather games, this is obviously among my all-time favorites.

In the midst of an MVP season, Terry Bradshaw has a freakishly good game in near-blizzard conditions (11 of 18, 240 yds, 3 TDs), burying the Baltimore secondary under an avalanche of pinpoint accurate passes despite seemingly unplayable weather. Receivers Lynn Swann (3 catches, 87 yds) and John Stallworth (1 catch, 31 yds, 1 TD) each appear only briefly in the first half, but their acrobatic grabs and yardage after catch put the Colts in an early 21-0 hole.

Bradshaw's TD dime to Stallworth is a thing of particular beauty. Despite the miserable field conditions, Terry launches this gorgeous, sky-high rainbow pass ("Ooo-wee, what a lollipop!" in the words of Myron Cope) that drops with pin-point accuracy into Stallworth's hands in the back corner of the end zone. It's a ridiculously precise 50-yd throw that few in NFL history could execute. To do it in such terrible weather conditions makes it even more remarkable.

The Steel Curtain is equally terrifying, absolutely overwhelming the "Bert Jones-less" Colts as backup QB Bill Troup goes a meager 8 of 18 for 62 yds with 2 INTs, 2 sacks and 2 fumbles. But in spite of generating almost no offense, the Colts surprisingly find themselves back in the game after the weather conditions contribute to a bad exchange between Bradshaw and Harris, and LB Derrel Luce scoops up the loose ball and slip-slides his way to a 44-yd TD on the recovery.

But on the ensuing kickoff, Larry Anderson breaks loose and slaloms his way all the way down to the Colt 19. From there, Bradshaw quickly reestablishes control with a short TD pass to Grossman and shortly thereafter, ices the game (pun intended) with his 3rd TD of the afternoon, a deep pass to a wide open Jim Smith, the first TD catch of the young WR's career.

On defense, Tony Dungy gets the first start of his career (subbing for an injured Mike Wagner) and snags his 5th INT of the season as the Steelers clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Gotta love the Zamboni clearing snow off of the yard lines between plays.

Note: There are two different versions of this game. This version is a partial NBC broadcast (outstanding video quality) with the radio call from Jack Fleming and Myron Cope dubbed in (footage ends in 4th quarter with Steelers leading 35-13). The other version is the complete NBC broadcast (decent video quality) with Curt Gowdy and John Brodie calling the game.

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