1978 Steelers at Colts Preseason (Aug 22, 1978)      


1978 Season


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1978 Steelers 22 at Colts 10 Preseason

The game gets off to a scary start as Terry Bradshaw suffers a broken nose at the end of an ill-advised 16-yard scramble when, in spite of the fact it's a preseason game, Terry finishes the run by putting his head down and plowing into a pair of defenders. Gerela's kicking is horrendous, a portend of the shaky kicking season ahead. Blount picks off a Bert Jones pass early, so Jones tries his luck with rookie CB Ron Johnson. Johnson plays like a seasoned veteran, however, giving Jones nothing and showing flashes of the brilliant rookie season to come. Includes color commentary by LB Andy Russell and features a magnificent effort by rookie FA Ron Scott, who runs several defenders over on his way to a TD on a kickoff return.

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