1978 Steelers vs Oilers MNF (Oct 23, 1978)      


1978 Season

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1978 Steelers 17 vs Oilers 24 MNF

Features Jack Lambert's famous, "It might be a good idea to put dresses on all of 'em," quote in response to a question about QB safety during a halftime interview with Howard Cosell (referring to Lambert's ejection for a hit on Sipe vs. Cleveland the previous week). LOL.

If not for an avalanche of mental errors, this one goes in the books as a "W" for Pittsburgh. Pastorini is razor sharp and the Oilers run extremely well, alternating between Earl Campbell (89 yards, 3 TDs) & Rob Carpenter (42 yards). Swann snags a pair of TDs (plus a 3rd that was nullified by a penalty) and is wide open for the tying TD on 4th and goal in the final seconds of the game, but Bradshaw short-hops it by inches.

Randy Grossman also has a HUGE game for Pittsburgh (9 catches for 116 yards), but penalties, a missed kick by Gerela, a dropped TD pass by Stallworth and a pair of errant Bradshaw passes late in the game are a little too much to overcome.

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