1977 AFC Playoffs Steelers at Broncos (Dec 24, 1977)      


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1977 AFC Playoffs Steelers 21 at Broncos 34

This is a game the Steelers probably should've won, but Tom Jackson has fantastic game (2 Int and a fumble recovery as well as some incredible hits) for the "Orange Crush".

Also, this game is a perfect illustration of why you should never, EVER continue to hold Joe Greene after he warns you to stop (watch what happens to Denver guard Paul Howard at the 59:10 mark). OUCH!!! A few plays later, Joe gets wronged again in his view and takes a similar shot at Mike Montler (1:04:18). The Steelers get penalized 15 yards, but on the very next play, Denver coughs up the ball and guess who recovers? Joe Greene! The moral of the story: Do not -- I repeat -- do NOT hold Joe Greene, people! LOL.

Game is joined in progress and missing some action in 3rd quarter.

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